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New work & reviews on Furtherfield

http://www.furtherfield.org All recent works can be accessed via front page.

Jimpunk - ______________1_______________.

There's something, well, much more primal, almost tribal, in this here site
of jimpunk's. He has a fondness, in ______________1_______________, for the
visual impact of early video games---pixelization, my friend: monochromatic
and dichromatic grids. The site seems to be a collection of animated DHTML
pages, stitched together via javascript, to reload and refresh randomly into
each other. One fullscreen composition melts into another; images,
collide both metaphorically and literally across your screen, sketching thin
strands of association. Reviewed by Lewis LaCook.

Shorts - Joseph & Donna McElroy.

Unearthing an existential realisation that our languages, gestures and
actions, are not necessarily of our own. They are shared, whether we like it
or not. We are subconsciously entwined, at many levels, with non-fixed
narratives and we might not even be aware of such shifts. These socially
informed performed observations are a poetic subjectivity, trying to break
way from a singular 'themed' (one liner) narrative. These works somehow
manage to touch, reach inside the psyche. Leaving one in a state of
confusion yet simultaneously accepting that what we see and hear, it is true
but also immeasurable. Reviewed by Marc Garrett.

5 Operas - Michael Szpakowski

5 Operas launched at Epping Hall, Essex UK in June this year. We couldn't
make it to the launch but logged on and watched and listened in stunned
delight. I did post some of my thoughts to art lists at the time, but wanted
to draw attention to the operas again as they explore the contributory and
collaborative possibilities of the Internet in such a fresh and direct way.

I was reminded of a double CD that I took out of Walthamstow Library (North
East London) a couple of years ago, recordings of old folk tunes, songs and
stories from across England and Scotland made by Ewan MacColl and Peggy
Seeger. These stories and songs were born in contained geographic regions,
into a slower pace of life, a slower rate of cultural consumption. Stories
of the particular, passing through archetype, dream, myth, for the purposes
of protest, human solidarity, survival, pleasure. Reviewed by Ruth Catlow.

Sperm phase detector - Nils Edvardsson

The latest work brought to us online in real-time from nonTVTVstation is
'Sperm phase detector' by the artist Nils Edvardsson. Every other day he
frequents the station's studio to deposit his fresh seed for the online
audience to listen to. We do not only hear, we can also actually view the
machine as it processes, translates the potentially 'life-giving' liquid
into audio. It feels like a performance but without the artist literally
being there, except in spirit and essence that is. Reviewed by Marc Garrett.

030807 - lo_y
These are abstract works, stripped of narrative, subjectivity or political
slant. In a recent message on August Highland's site I noticed a statement
from Lo_y. It went "well there's not much to say. Lo_y is only what Lo_y
writes. No history, no stories, no explanations." Reviewed by Marc Garrett.


Furtherfield is an online platform for the creation, promotion, criticism
and archiving of adventurous digital/net art work for public viewing,
experience and interaction.

Furtherfield creates imaginative strategies that actively communicate ideas
and issues in a range of digital & terrestrial media contexts; featuring
works online and organising global, contributory projects, simultaneously on
the Internet, the streets and public venues. Furtherfield focuses on network
related projects that explore new social contexts that transcend the
digital, or offer a subjective voice that communicates beyond the medium.
Furtherfield collaborates with artists, programmers, writers, activists,
musicians and thinkers who explore beyond traditional remits.

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