[spectre] Kabul Reconstruction: video installation + public dialogue

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a friend of mine has created:


Kabul:Reconstructions was created by media artist Mariam Ghani with the
collaboration of programmer Edward Potter, the AINA Afghan Media Center in
Kabul, and Exit Art in New York.

Announcing the launch of Kabul: Reconstructions version 2.0, with the new

Anyone with a question about the reconstruction of Kabul or its context in
the current situation or history of Afghanistan is invited to submit their
question online.  Your question will then be transmitted to Kabul by Mariam and
the other weblog participants, who will do their best to bring your answer
back to the site within two weeks.

Questions submitted before December 10th, 2003 will help determine what
footage Mariam will shoot and then add to the site during her trip to 
Kabul this
winter, one year after her first visit.

To submit your question, just go to


and click on ASK A QUESTION.

Note that you can continue to access the audiovisual blogger and discussion
forum section of the site -- which is updated continually, with new
participants coming soon -- by clicking on FOLLOW THE INFORMATION on the
main page.

Please forward this invitation to anyone who might have an unanswered
question about reconstruction.



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