[spectre] Sound and Audiovisual Documents in the Context of Musicological Research

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International Seminar

Sound and Audiovisual Documents in the Context of Musicological Research
with Particular Reference to Music Theatre

Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 November 2003

Il Luogo della Musica
Palazzo Delfini
via de'Delfini 20 - Rome

Carlo Marinelli -Istituto di Ricerca per il Teatro Musicale

Barbara Nestola -Atélier d'Études
The activity of the 'Centre de Musique Baroque de Versailles'

Stephen Hastings - editor in chief "Musica", Milano
Reflections on some attempts to rewrite and file 
the interpretative choices of some opera singers 
on records.

Robert Burnett -Universitet Karlstad
The Web as Archive.

Arrigo  Quattrocchi - music critic "il manifesto" - musicologist, Roma
The musicologist and the radio archive.

Alessandro Ludovico - Neural, interactive communication expert
Vinyl, the last bulwark of the organic music.

Christiane Hofer -Gesellschaft für Historische Tonträger, Wien
'Wiener Blut' - Everybody's Pleasure?

Dinko Fabris - University of Potenza - "Casa 
Piccinni", Center of Music Research, Bari
Tresor de Naples: five centuries of Neapolitan music in a discographic series.

Fausto Razzi - composer, Rome
Some aspects of the music and images relationship.

Néstor Echevarría -critic and musicologist, Buenos Aires
Relationships between music and communication 
media in Argentina and Latin America.

Daniel Leech-Wilkinson -King's College, London
The 'Centre for the History and Analysis of Recorded Music (CHARM)'.

Sergio Segalini - artistic director of the "La 
Fenice" theatre, Venice - Opéra International, 
Verifing the sound.

Pierluigi Petrobelli -University of Rome 'La 
Sapienza' - Institute of Verdian Studies, Parma
Fantasies, transcriptions, sound recordings: a path.


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