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20th Oscar Signorini Prize / D'Ars Art Journal
Solo Exhibition: Serial Phenomenologies.
Digital video, computer printings, net.art.

For Davinio's net-project GATES, invited in the next Paris Biennial 04,
since 5:30 PM, until 9:00 PM, poetry readings and

Opening: December 18 2003   5:30 PM
Prize-Giving: December 18  2003  7:00 PM
Exhibition since December 18 2003, until January 12 2004 (closed December
25-26-31, January 1).
Studio D'Ars   Via Sant'Agnese 12/8 - Milan. Ph. 02 860290
20th Oscar Signorini Prize 2003 to Caterina Davinio, for her work as an
artist and critic in electronic art and writings.
The exhibition "Serial Phenomenologies", at D'Ars Studio in Milan, presents
15 computer printings of some recent digital images, signed by
the artist, a selection of video works and computer art, and her
collaborative art project in network GATES, which involves Italian and
international artists.
The exhibition focuses on possibility of serial production of identical
copies of the electronic image, conjugated with the unique dimension of
poetry. Every image is a small poem, which, by utilizing minimal elements,
finds the moment of game, wander of
poetry, together with the visual materiality of the pixel,
which leaves a trace in video and in some computer printings of the artist.
During the opening will be created a performance/poetry event related to the
net-art project
In course since July 4 2003, GATES, planetary collaborative event in
network, continues the experience of similar well known net-projects by
Caterina Davinio (Paint From Nature, Global Poetry, in 2002, and others),
where the artist experiments a collective performance decentralized in
numerous spaces in the world, coordinated trough the Internet; a new art
form that uses as matter electronic communication, art debate (without
distinction between art and critic), body and gesture in the virtual
extensions which make possible to explore hypothesis of ubiquity.
Gates has seen the collaboration of many artists from all over the world
(see the list in the official web site
 - under construction GATES 2, dead line December 31 - following the
link below); international artists realized in their countries installations
in form of door, and under/around the doors have created events and
performances, in
Belgium, Lebanon, Chile, Amazzonia, USA, Greece, United Kingdom, Brazil,
Germany, Spain, Venezuela, circulated in the network as digital documents.
Gates as ways of transit, as dimension of open, passage in every
direction, with every symbolic, of computer science, telematic implication,
the idea of "gate" has in itself.
In polemic with net.art as interactive game on line, Caterina Davinio,
one of the pioneers of Italian digital poetry (since 1990), has gradually
made her net.art works less virtual, increasing the dynamic relationship
the real. The Italian node of GATES will be at D'Ars Studio during the
opening of Serial Phenomenologies solo exhibition, on December 18.
For GATES in Italy: poetry readings and performances
since 6:00 PM until 9:PM. Space given to well known poets from
Milan, to emerging artists and poets. The GATES project has officially been
invited to participate in the next Biennal de Paris 2004.
Davinio's exhibition in Milan is organized and curated by Grazia Chiesa and
Silvia Venuti,
D'Ars space, with a special report in the review D'Ars.
GATES is dedicated to Pierre Restany.

To know more about GATES, how to join:
(For Internet Explorer 6)

Caterina Davinio, techno-artist, writer, uses new media in art and poetry
since 1990. Her work, developed during the 90s, focuses in a non
conventional way on video, computer art, experimentation between Internet
art and performance. It has received prizes, and been shown in more than 80
exhibitions in Europe, USA, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Thailand,
Russia, and in other countries.
The research in critical and curatorial  field is synthesized in the essay
Techno-Poetry and Virtual Reality, published by Sometti with the support of
Mantoa Municipality (I) in year 2002. Among her publications: articles,
poems and creative works in international magazines and journals of the
avant-garde, the novel Color color (Campanotto, 1998). Her web site
Karenina.it (Award MAD Festival 2003 NET_ZIN, Madrid), created in 1998, the
first Italian site of experimental art/poetry on line, is an open planetary
referring point for the avant-garde.

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