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From: david silver <dsilver at u.washington.edu>

The September Project

The September Project is an effort to foster open exchanges in public
places about issues that matter.  On Saturday, September 11, people will
share ideas about democracy, citizenship, and patriotism.  Locally
organized, libraries, schools, and organizations will host talks,
deliberations, and performances about issues that matter to their
communities.  September Project events are distributed nationally and
internationally and are free and open to the people.  September Project
events take place annually.

The project launched in March, 2004.  In the US, so far, over 250
libraries, schools, universities, and museums in 42 states are
participating, with new hosts and often entire library systems joining
daily. Public libraries serve as the infrastructure because they are free,
they are public, and they are distributed across our country and most
countries. Events are also scheduled in civic institutions like schools,
universities, museums, jails, parks, and farmer's markets.  Voter
registration will accompany as many events as possible.

Similar projects exist in Spain (http://septiembre.ciberpunk.org) and
Portugal (http://setembro.ciberpunk.org).

For a map of participating hosts, please visit:

What are YOU doing on Saturday, September 11?  Please consider getting

1. distribute this message to your colleagues, to departmental and
academic lists, and to STUDENTS;

2. distribute this message to your local public library and
college/community college/university library;

3. consider giving a talk, partaking in a performance, and/or moderating
a discussion in a public place on Saturday, September 11;

4. if you think we are missing something, or believe that the project can
be improved, please contact us (info at theseptemberproject.org) or, better
yet, post a message to this list.

In the US, September 11 is now called Patriot Day.  We believe we can and
should have a voice in what that means.  Please consider getting involved.

david silver

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