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> unsorted,
> SonicActs X
> Update: Conference
> The information arts are the theme of the tenth edition of the 
> SonicActs
> festival that will take place from thursday 23d until saturday25th of
> September at Paradiso, Amsterdam. The festival consists of atwo-day
> conference, three consecutive evenings and nights of liveperformances, 
> a
> film programme, and an exhibition.
> Many new art forms have emerged in recent years (from computer art
> toneo-conceptualism and from business art to genomic art) which in
> formand content are rooted in the information society: the
> informationarts. These information arts defy several paradigms on
> whichtraditional art forms are based. The two-day conference, which
> takesplace on friday and saturday afternoon, brings together a
> fewexponents of these information arts.
> A mix of presentations, interviews and lectures will give a
> caleidoscopic view on these information arts and the consequences
> oftheir emergence on the arts in general.
> On the programme: interviews with musician and artist CarlMichael von
> Hausswolff (Raster-Noton) and with JonWozencroft (TOUCH); presentations
> of Driessens & Verstappen, Scha & Elsenaar and Tom Betts &Joe Gilmore;
> lectures of Casey Reas, RutgerWolfson, André Platteel and Canadian
> renegadetheorist tobias c. van Veen. Moderation:Jan-Hiddink.
> The book Unsorted – Thoughts on Information Arts, an A-Z for Sonic 
> Acts
> X will be available from the start of the festival. It contains essays
> and articles by Mitchell Whitelaw, Lev Manovich, Stephen Wilson, tobias
> c. van Veen, and Arie Altena; and interviews with Driessens & 
> Verstappen
> and Casey Reas. The publicationis designed by goodwill.
> Also during Sonic Acts: André Platteel [NL], BatteryOperated [UK/FR],
> Benjamin Gaulon [FR], BJNilsen[SE], Byetone [DE], Carl Michael
> vonHausswolff [SE], Casey Reas [US], Chris Watson[UK], Codespace [CH],
> COH [RU], Dextro [AT],Driessens & Verstappen [NL], Dyad [US/CH],Fennesz
> [AT], GAS [JP], Geert Mul [NL], Jan Jelinek+ Karl Kliem [DE], JODI
> [NL/BE], JonWozencroft [UK], Komet [DE], Lia [AT],M.I.M.E.O. (feat.
> Christian Fennesz, Cor Fuhler, Gert-JanPrins, Jerome Noetinger, Kaffe
> Matthews, Marcus Schmickler, PeterRehberg, Phil Durrant en Rafael 
> Toral)
> [VAR], Meta [US],mise-en-trôpes [BE], Noizbleed [NL/NS],Optical 
> Machines
> [NL], Philip Jeck [UK],Pure + DeKam [AT/US], Radian + Jade [AT],rand()%
> [UK], Remko Scha & Arthur Elsenaar [NL], Rutger Wolfson [NL],Skoltz
> Kolgen [CA], Speedy J [NL], Tobiasvan Veen [CA], Tomato [UK], visomat
> inc. + Errorsmith[DE].
> Sonic Acts lectures and presentations: friday 24th and saturday
> 25thSeptember * 16.00 - 19.00 * Paradiso Kleine Zaal * Amsterdam *
> Englishspoken * dayticket: 12,50 incl. also valid for the evening and
> nightprogram * passepartout 3 days: 22,50 incl.
> Sonic Acts live programme: thursday September 23d - saturday
> September25th * Paradiso * Amsterdam * start: 20.30 * open: 20.00 *
> entrance:12,50 incl. * passepartout 3 days: 22,50 incl.
> Pre-sale starts saturday August 28.
> For more information: www.sonicacts.com / info at sonicacts.com

fancy going to amsterdam for that? Raster Notion and Jon Wozencroft 
(graphic design guru of the 90's - sort of the David Carson of England) 
thats something I'd like to see! had heard he had diversified in recent 
years. ah COH and speedy j - so many good things.



Garrett at asquare.org


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