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Campus Exhibition
IAMAS: Progressive Media Art Education from Japan

Ars Electronica 2004 
- TIMESHIFT - The World in Twenty-Five Years
September 2-7, 2004
Linz, Austria

IAMAS (International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences, Institute of 
Advanced Media Arts and Sciences) will present the Campus Exhibition 
“IAMAS: Progressive Media Art Education from Japan” at Ars Electronica 
2004 – TIMESHIFT – The World in Twenty-Five Years, Europe’s biggest 
media art festival, that will be held from Thursday 2nd to Tuesday 7th 
September 2004 in Linz, Austria.
IAMAS will introduce its unique curriculum and projects, exhibit 
artworks and present video screenings created by students and faculty 
members, as well as hold workshops, lectures, sound performances, radio 
broadcasts and run a café.

Exhibition information
Dates and times: Thursday 2nd - Tuesday 7th September 2004 10:00-19:00 
(from 16:00 on 2nd Sept)
Venue:     Kunstuniversität Linz
(Linz’s University of Art / Hauptplatz 8, A-4020 Linz)
Cinema: Moviemento (Dametzstraße 30)
Club: Stadtwerkstatt (Kirchengasse 4)
Co-organizers: Ars Electronica, Linz’s University of Art
Collaboration: ATR Media Information Science Laboratories / NiCT, 
Austrian Airlines
Exhibition directors: Tadashi Yokoyama (IAMAS President), Christa 
Selectors of exhibits: Masayuki Akamatsu, Masahiko Furukata, Shinjiro 
Maeda, Masahiro Miwa, Yasuhito Nagahara, Hideyuki Oda, Andreas 
Schneider, Atsuhito Sekiguchi, Nobuya Suzuki, Hiroshi Yoshioka

What is the “Ars Electronica Campus Exhibition”?
The Campus Exhibition was begun in 2001 as part of the Ars Electronica 
Festival. It introduces an educational institution engaged in media art 
education, which strives to integrate art and technology. The first 
exhibition presented the Hochschule für Angewandte Kunst Wien 
(University of Applied Arts Vienna) and the following years Campus 
Exhibitions were held by the Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln, (Academy 
of Media Arts in Cologne, Germany) and the Hochschule für Gestaltung 
und Kunst Zürich (University of Art, Media and Design in Zurich, 
Switzerland). This year, IAMAS was selected as the school to be 
introduced at this event. The works will be exhibited on three floors 
of the Linz’s University of Art, and video works will be screened at a 
cinema in the city. During the exhibition period, workshops, lectures 
and sound performances will also be held.

This year, IAMAS was selected as the school to be introduced at this 
event. The works will be exhibited on three floors of the Linz’s 
University of Art, and video works will be screened at a cinema in the 
city. During the exhibition period, workshops, lectures and sound 
performances will also be held.


IAMAS consists of two schools owned by Gifu Prefectural Government: a 
graduate school where students complete a masters course, and a 
vocational college with a unique curriculum. The two schools conduct 
their activities jointly, and do not simply aim to train artists and 
engineers, but take into account various aspects of cutting-edge media 
from a cultural perspective, with the aim of producing experts who will 
design the world of the future. Student graduates are engaged in a 
variety of fields, reflecting the school’s diverse activities that span 
the sciences and the arts.


Contents of the Campus Exhibition
NOW! (Venue: Kunstuniversität, Moviemento)
Exhibition of works by IAMAS students and graduates.
Interactive installations/ video works/ design works, Internet, CD-ROM 
works/ sound performances etc.

STUDIO! (Venue: Kunstuniversität)
Workshops and other presentations will be held introducing some of the 
unique classes at IAMAS, as well as modern Japanese culture.
Programming workshop / lectures on Japanese culture / guided tour of 
the exhibition / talk session by IAMASgraduates who are active in 
Europe etc.

IMPACT! (Venue: Kunstuniversität)
This exhibition will introduce the education system, history and 
variety of activities that take place at IAMAS, as well as works by 
former IAMASstudents.
IAMASdocumentation / IAMAShistory / IAMASactivities / IAMASexhibition / 
IAMASgraduates / IAMASartist in residence program / international 
exchange (presented on panels, videos etc)

PLAY! (Venue: Kunstuniversität, Hauptplatz, Stadtwerkstadtt)
A sound performance, club events will be held. Radio broadcasts will be 
given by the local radio station “FRO” and the Internet.

 FOOD! (Venue: Kunstuniversität)
A café will serve as a venue for exhibiting works and performances, 
enabling communication with visitors.

Event schedule
Workshops, lectures, guided tour, talk session
Venue: Kunstuniversität
2. 9.    16: 30     IAMAS exhibition guided tour
3. 9.    16: 00     Talk Session “IAMAS People in Europe”
4. 9.    16: 00     Lecture “Japan in Media Art and Subculture”
5. 9.    15: 00     Workshop “DSP Workshop”
6. 9.    13: 45     IAMAS exhibition guided tour
             16: 00     Workshop “Play with Japanese Language”

Opening sound performance
Venue: Hauptplatz
2. 9.    16: 00     Celebration March

Club events
Venue: Stadtwerkstadtt
4. 9.   23: 30     DSP Night I — compositions
            26: 00    Transform - After Hours DSP Night
6. 9.   23: 30     DSP Night II — improvisations
            26: 00    Transform - After Hours DSP Night
7. 9.   23: 30     Joint Performances of Kunstuniversität Linz and IAMAS

NOW! (screening)
Venue: Moviemento
4. 9.   22: 00 method & image #01, 02
5. 9.   20: 00 method & image #01, 02
            22: 00 selected animations
6. 9.   20: 00 selected animations
            22: 00 selected works #01, 02
7. 9.   20: 00 selected works #01, 02
            22: 00 method & image #01, 02

Special event: Lecture by Itsuo Sakane
"On the History of Interaction between Art and Technology - Towards the 
Cultural Evolution of Human Being"
As one of the events commemorating the 25th anniversary of Ars 
Electronica, IAMAS President Emeritus Itsuo Sakane will give a lecture 
about the early developments in media art , based on documentation he 
has collected over many years.
5. 9. Sunday 17: 30 - 20: 00
Venue: Brucknerhaus

Miki Fukuda
Center for Media Culture, IAMAS
E-mail: miki at iamas.ac.jp
3-95 Ryoke-cho, Ogaki-shi, Gifu 503-0014, Japan
Phone: +81-584-75-6606 Fax: +81-584-75-6637

IAMAS Campus Exhibition

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