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I Had A Dream
Jozsef Bartha (Romania ), Tim Etchells (England), Nayoung Kim&Gregory Maass (Korea,Germany)
Vukasin Nedeljkovic (Serbia), OPA Group (Macedonia) Corinna Schnitt, (Germany)

Curated by Oliver Kielmayer

Kunstraum Baden Switzerland, Dec 16  2004 until Jan 23 2005

Opening reception and launch of WeAreTheArtists No.3 on Wednesday Dec 15,6.30 pm

Opening hours Wed 12 ­ 6 pm, Thu 12 ­ 6 pm, Fri ­ Sun 12 ­ 4 pm. Closed from Dec 22 until Jan 2


The exhibition I Had A Dream is based on a cooperation between the 
artist in residence programme of the foundation Künstlerhaus Boswil and the 
museum Kunstraum Baden. The concept of the exhibition is not made by the 
curator only, but was developped in close cooperation with the artists who are
guests of the residence programme.

I Had A Dream shows artworks dealing with individual and personal 
wishes and ideals; sometimes very close to the construction of an ideal world and
society. Paradise can mean a lot of things, material wealth as well as 
peace or just a well-functioning society.

Nothing less than the wish for happiness urges mankind to improve 
himself and the world constantly; the wish for a better life is the most 
important motor of cultural development. At the same time it more and more 
becomes clear that with all this improvement something is suddenly missed:
imperfection. If dreams come true many ideals reveal themselves to be
monstrous: everything may be perfect but for a human perspective,
necessarily bound to imperfection, there is no space anymore.

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