[spectre] Call for applications: IAMAS Artist-in-Residence program

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Call for applications

IAMAS: Artist-in-Residence Invitation Program

    -----   deadline: 31th December 2004   -----

The Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences and the International 
Academy of Media Arts and Sciences (IAMAS) conducts an 
Artists-in-Residence invitational program to support new and creative 
activities wherein scientific knowledge and artistic sensibility are 
aesthetically combined. The outline of the invitational program is as 

1. Term of Invitation and Number of Invitees
Term: 1st April 2005 - 30th September 2005
1 person

2. Application Requirements
1) The applicant should be either an artist or researcher with an 
excellent track record as a professional in the field of media art.
2) The applicant should be able to speak either Japanese or English to 
the extent of being able to get by comfortably during his/her stay in 
3) The applicant should be in good health.

3. How to Apply
Applicants are required to submit the documents listed below in either 
Japanese or English. Please be aware that application materials, once 
submitted, shall not be returned.
You can download the Application Forms from 
1) Artist-in-Residence Program Application Form (Form A)
2) Curriculum Vitae and Record of Activities (Form B)
3) Creative Activity Planned During Stay (Form C)
4) Letter of Reference (from an authoritative person or society in your 
* Please type 1) to 4) on a computer.
5) Portfolio on your major works
* You are free to submit software and recorded media as part of your 
portfolio. In the event you submit software, please make sure that it 
can run in popular operating systems and that you specify the operating 
system needed). It is not possible to apply by only showing your works 
with the link to your webpage.
6) Other
a. 2 photos (40mm x 30mm) * The photos must be taken within the last 
six months. No hats, no backgrounds.
b. Certified copy of your diploma (please provide a translation into 
Japanese or English)
c. Photocopy of passport

Please submit the above documents to:
* It is not possible to apply on-line and we do not accept applicants 
by e-mail.
3-95 Ryoke-cho, Ogaki-shi, Gifu, 503-0014, Japan
Tel: +81-584-75-6600
Fax: +81-584-75-6637

4. Application Deadline
Your application forms must reach IAMAS by 31th December 2004.

5. Screening Process
The Artist-in-Residence Screening Committee, consisting of IAMAS 
teaching staff, will strictly screen all applicants. The Committee may 
interview applicants in person and/or by telephone.

6. Notification of Screening Results
IAMAS will notify applicants of the screening results by around 
February 2005.

7. Support Provided by IAMAS
1) Facilities and Equipment
Facilities designated by IAMAS and equipment set up in the said 
2) Economic Support
One roundtrip ticket will be provided.
Living expenses incurred while working on the program.
3) Apartment
IAMAS will rent an apartment for the Artists-in-Residence.
However, the artists are asked to pay part of the rent.

8. What is Expected of the Artists-in-Residence
1) To create and exhibit/release one work by the end of his/her stay.
2) To actively mix with IAMAS students and instructors by, for example, 
working in collaboration with them on their projects.
3) Artists-in-Residence are sometimes asked to participate in workshops 
geared for local residents and students.
4) The documentations of the produced work need to be submitted to 
IAMAS. These documents can consist of video, picture, text, etc. The 
artists give IAMAS the right to use these documents for IAMAS 
promotional purposes without prior consent of the artist.

9. Copyrights of the Works
The copyright of the works that Artists-in-Residence create during 
their stay will belong to the artists on condition that:
1) When they exhibit/release such works outside IAMAS, they indicate in 
the credits that they created the works at IAMAS.
2) They readily cooperate with IAMAS when IAMAS wants to exhibit their 
3) They leave copies of the works (or materials related to the creation 
of the works if the works are hard to copy) at IAMAS when their term of 
stay ends.
4) The artists agree that IAMAS, at its own discretion, may use, for 
the purpose of education, research and publication, the copies of (or 
materials related to), and the documentations of its production and its 
exhibition that they left in IAMAS.

10. Miscellaneous
1) Artists-in-Residence are required to carry accident insurance and 
health insurance at their own expense.
2) IAMAS will not pay for the transportation of works and/or equipment 
at the time when Artists-in-Residence join and leave the program.
3) An Artist-in-Residence may be accompanied by their spouse, however 
they are required to pay all the costs involved.

11. query
info at iamas.ac.jp

Miki Fukuda
Center for Media Culture (CMC)
cmc at iamas.ac.jp
Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences
International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences
3-95 Ryoke-cho, Ogaki-shi, Gifu 503-0014, Japan

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