[spectre]Re:[syndicate] nettime-fr-raw reborning on anart.no

Janos Sugar sj at c3.hu
Fri Dec 31 18:29:28 CET 2004

At 6:01 PM +0100 12/31/04, ctgr-pavu.com wrote:
>lucky you ! birthday party all around the world every year !
>champagne !!!

Ken Friedman  <ken.friedman at bi.no> 1975.12.30. 23:56:07 +1h wrote:
>  In One Year and Out the Other
>  On New Year's Eve, make a telephone call from one time zone to
>  another so that you are conducting a conversation between people
>  located in two years.
>  Ken Friedman
>  1975
>  First performed on New Year's Eve 1975-1976, calling from
>  Springfield, Ohio forward to Dick Higgins, Christo, and Nam June Paik
>  in New York, then back to Tom Garver, and Natasha Nicholson in
>  California. Celebrated annually since then.

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