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Sonar Festival ( 17/18/19 june 2004 in Barcelona, Spain), in addition 
to its extensive program of electronic music ( 
http://www.sonar.es/2004/eng/conciertos.cfm ),  dedicates four 
important areas of the festival to digital arts - Sonarmatica, 
Sonarama, Digital Art à la Carta & Sonarcinema.


SonarMatica : the 1st Universal Micronations Exhibition


Sonarama : installations, software presentations & audiovisual concerts.


Digital Art A La Carte : interactives


SonarCinema : video


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SonarMatica : the 1st Universal Micronations Exhibition

This year SonarMatica will focus on one of today’s most interesting 
cultural phenomena: micronations.

Micronations -invented nations, visual territories, fantasy realms 
created by private individuals and collectives since the early 
seventies of the last century- have experienced widespread growth with 
the advent of the internet. Digital embassies and consulates, debate 
forums, inter-micronational organisations, cyber communities and 
diplomatic relations are all proliferating on the web.

Evrugo Mental State by the Barcelona therapeutic artist Evru, The 
Kingdoms of Elgaland-Vargaland by the Germans Carl Michael Von 
Hauuswolff and Leif Elggren, the State of Sabotage-SoS by the creative 
Viennese label Sabotage Communications and the NSK-State by the 
Slovenian industrial music collective Laibach are among the 
micronations taking part in the showcase.



A panoramic overview of new sound and audiovisual creation:
installations, software presentations and audiovisual concerts.
Takes place in Centre d'Art Santa Monica.

- Medialab presentations

Arteleku/Audiolab presents IXI_Software (Donostia/Bilbao)
UOC/Artnodes presents VisualJammer (Barcelona)
V2_Institute for the Unstable Media presents MUSH (NL)

- Software presentations

fijuu presented by delire+pix (NZ/UK)
PowerCore presented by Cristian Vogel (UK)
Reason & Novation presented by Funk d'Void (UK)
Lia (AT)
Jahshaka presented by Jah (JAM)
Virtools presented by brajovicvandendriessche (Barcelona)
Atau Tanaka (JP)
Konic Thtr (Barcelona)
Open Hardware Lab presented by Nice Noise & Universomente (Barcelona)

- Audiovisual concerts

girlswholikeporno (Murcia/GER)
Santofile (Barcelona)
VJ Ubergeek + DJ Donna Maya (USA/GER)
Actop (Barcelona)
delire+pix (NZ/UK)
telcosystems+dk (NL)
svmn_ka + vleverth (Barcelona, Banyoles)
Thomas Köner (GER)

- Sound Installations

Thomas Köner, “Banlieue du Vide” (GER)
Artificiel, “Bulbes” (CAN)


Digital Art A La Carte

3 selections of 7 works each, consultable during the festival.
each day of the festival one curator presents their selection.

selection by José Luis de Vicente

"SoftSide: a selection of projects from runme.org"
selection by Amy Alexander

"Arquitecturas Artificiales"
selection by Fredy Massad + Alicia Guerrero Yeste



A showcase of works from all the formats and disciplines of audiovisual 
creation (video-art, experimental cinema, videoclips, shorts, 
animation, documentaries), and testimony to the ever increasing common 
ground between the image and advanced music.

MENU 1. Bodysong. Director: Simon Pummell. 2003. 80 min.
MENU 2. Music Video Asia. 50 min. Includes clips from Cube Juice, 
Yuichiro Tanaka, Takako Minekawa, Brain Failure, among others.
MENU 3. Shynola. 40 min. Includes clips for Quannum, Grooverider vs. 
Cypress Hill, Stephen Malkmus, U.N.K.L.E., Athlete, Junior Senior, 
Queens Of The Stone Age and The Rapture
MENU 4. Electronic short films. 40 min. Includes works from Mark Fell, 
Billy Roisz, Semiconductor, Lia, Solu, Dienststelle, Myriam Bessette, 
Telcosystems, Kurt A. Pirk and imasaka + vlisa
MENU 5. Clips. 30 min. Includes clips from Jan Jelinek, Bleip, Yacht, 
Kid 606, Luke Vibert, Futureshock, Four Tet and Fotel Foyamat, among 
MENU 6. A Beautiful Virus Inside the Machine: Animation Works by 
Lillian Schwartz. 55 min.
MENU 7. My Cinema For The Ears. Director: Uli Aumüller. 2002. 60 min. 
In French and English.
MENU 8. Roman Coppola. 35 min. Includes clips for Wyclef Jean, Moby, 
Daft Punk, Fatboy Slim, Cassius, Air and  Phoenix.
MENU 9. Tokyo Noise. Director: Kristian Petri. 2002. 80min. In English 
and Japanese.
MENU 10. Street Ambient. 50 min. Includes works from Jordi Mitjà, John 
Smith, Alfred Guzzetti and Thomas Köner.
MENU 11. onedotzero_select 3. 70 min.
MENU 12. Venezuela Subterránea. Dir: Juan Carlos Echeandía. 45 min. In 




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