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caitlin e. berrigan caitlin at membrana.us
Sun Jun 6 03:14:14 CEST 2004

What a drag. So far I've heard nothing of it here (in the US), but I 
could be wrong. However, on a happier note, the National Public Radio 
in the US *actually* reported that thousands of Italians marched in 
Rome, and even played a sound clip of them yelling "Bush Go Home!" 
This, my friends, is remarkable for US media.


At 2:14 AM +0200 6/6/04, Louise Desrenards wrote:
>Just notice and tell me how not a word in the News could appear regarding
>the marching protest against Bush in Paris last evening. But there was a
>mass of people in the street and later in the night I have heard the sirens
>of the police cars.
>Since a year France Press Agency is hold by a group thanks President Chirac.
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