[spectre] oh ye miserable european artists, go west!

Andreas Broeckmann abroeck at transmediale.de
Tue Jun 8 12:23:03 CEST 2004

note especially that the source of media art has, as it seems, now 
been clarified:

'Northern California is the birthplace of new media and a great place 
to discover emerging artists and art trends. Combine these factors 
and the result is NewFangle 2004 - Gen Art SF's fifth annual art 
exhibition featuring new work from hot young talent.'

>Date: Tue, 8 Jun 2004 02:39:51 -0700
>To: rare at rhizome.org
>From: "shirley shor" <shirleys at friskit.com>
>Subject: RHIZOME_RARE: NewFangle 2004 -- 5th Annual Media Arts Show, 
>San Francisco
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>NewFangle 2004
>5th Annual Media Arts Show
>San Francisco
>Herbst Int'l Exhibition Hall
>385 Moraga @ Montgomery
>June 11 - 24, 2004
>Northern California is the birthplace of new media and a great place 
>to discover emerging artists and art trends. Combine these factors 
>and the result is NewFangle 2004 ’Äî Gen Art SF’Äôs fifth annual art 
>exhibition featuring new work from hot young talent.
>Gen Art is an arts organization seeking to strengthen communities of 
>next generation artists and art lovers and forge connections between 
>the arts and other fields. Artists exhibiting at NewFangle in June 
>represent a range of new media, including video, computer game 
>design, interactive art, and work commenting on the social effects 
>of science and technology.
>Exhibiting artists explore a wide variety of materials and 
>viewpoints. Scott Draves’Äô abstract, animated flames and fractals 
>contrast with Kenneth Hung’Äôs animated political collages 
>distributed over the Internet. Laura Splan finds inspiration in 
>science and medicine, creating everything from giant Prozac pillows 
>to sculptures made with medical supplies.
>Reuben Lorch-Miller, Rainey Strauss, and Shirley Shor use computers 
>and video projectors to create environmental installations. James 
>Buckhouse and Katherine Isbister work with interactive technologies, 
>including software and wireless devices, to draw viewers into their 
>In keeping with its youthful perspective, NewFangle starts with a 
>preview benefit reception and celebrates the exhibit’Äôs finale with 
>a closing party. Panelists discuss new media arts in a related event 
>in mid-June.
>Head to the Presidio to see the latest new media art at Gen Art 
>SF’Äôs NewFangle exhibition. See June 11 and www.genart.org for more 
>information. ’Äî Claudia Willen
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