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Xperiment>L # 2
A monthly series about women in electronic music

Live performances, film/video screenings, discussions & workshops
16-17 June 2004 | Arminius Upstairs | Rotterdam | The Netherlands

Xperiment>L returns for its second edition!

This time Xperiment>L features two outstanding women composers/performers
who have been involved in electronic music for a long time and have
produced an equally large body of work. Both have been starting off with
acoustic instruments (violin and voice) before getting involved with
electronica and hold degrees in music technology / electro-acoustic music.
Another similarity is their fascination for the theremin, as well as
creating electronic environments for improvisation. And, both share a
critical mind towards being a female in a male dominated field.

The programme's core performance is a radiophonic piece, 'Die Futuristin'
by Elisabeth Schimana. This will sit within a showcase of Austrian sound
artists and a film programme. The films selected for this edition are of
an equally high level, but not in a conceptual or intellectual way: they
appeal directly to the subconscious.


#2 Performance

Music program:
Elisabeth Schimana (Austria) - ‘Die Futuristin’: an acoustic & visual
portrait / a live fiction
Kaffe Matthews (UK) - live quadraphonic sculpting of a theremin, the room
and its feedback

Film program:
Valie Export - ....Remote.....Remote..... / Austria 1970-1973, 12’00”
Suzie Silver - A Spy (Hester Reeve does the Doors) / USA 1992, 4’15”
Kenneth Anger - Puce Moment / USA 1949/53, 6’00”
Eveline Ketterings - ´t Brandende bruidje / HK/NL 2003, 5’00”

Wednesday 16th June / 20:30 hours / Arminius Upstairs* / Museumpark 3,
Entrance: 6 Euro

* church opposite Boijmans van Beuningen Museum

info: 010 4295560 or via e-mail: <mailto:daswa at xs4all.nl>daswa at xs4all.nl
Website of Arminius: <http://www.arminius.nu>www.arminius.nu


#2 Lecture_Presentation

Set-ups / Creating an electronic environment for improvisation
By Elisabeth Schimana (Austria)

Thursday 17th June / 20:00 hours / Arminius Upstairs*
Entrance: 4 Euro

 call 06 18659947 for more info


Concept/Idea:Daniela Swarowsky

Curatorial team:
Mariette Groot & Daniela Swarowsky > music programming
Annemiek Engbers & Sylvia Szely > film/ video programming

A DAMeS production in cooperation with Arminius, podium voor kunst,
cultuur en debat.
Productional support by Stichting WORM.

Xperiment>L is financially supported by the Rotterdamse Kunststichting,
VSB Fund, Prins Bernhard Cultural Fund, Erasmusstichting and the Austrian
Cultural Institute.

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