[spectre] submix by Sebastian Redenz - Music For When You're On The Bus

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Wed Jun 30 23:30:24 CEST 2004

New submix by Sebastian Redenz

submix028: Music For When You're On The Bus

Für Überlandfahrten im Suburban Network

Netaudio only instant ambient dj-set by the thinnerism.com head.
Assembled in Traktor 2.5 in April 2004. Concrete Netaudio from Germany
(autoplate.org), Ukraine (nexsound.org), Sweden (komplott.com) and North
America (kikapu.com). Discovering the true beauty if neo-romantic. Manly
acoustic sounds, try listening during your ride on the bus.

"A Night So Bright, A Night So Light,
I'll See You Soon, Full The Moon;

It Was So Wild, Since We Had Time,
I'll See You Soon, Full The Moon;"
(Hans Appelqvist)

» look and feel here
_ http://www.subsource.de/submix/028/

» hifi mp3 stream here (67 min)
_ http://www.archive.org/download/submix028/submix028_vbr.m3u

» lofi mp3 stream here (67 min)
_ http://www.archive.org/download/submix028/submix028_64kb.m3u

» direct download mp3 here (68.8 mb)
_ http://snipurl.com/7fzh or

» look and print art here
_ http://snipurl.com/7fzm or

» playlist here

01 Grandpa Norm - For Aidan
	http://www.comfortstand.com [CSR004]
02 Anton Lennartsson - Sömnen
	http://www.komplott.com [BULL006]
03 Infra Red Army - Lo
	http://www.nexsound.org [NS017]
04 Gultskra Artikler - Teplo Spokoyno I Yabloko
	http://www.autoplate.org [APL012]
05 Off The Sky - Mileece's Reduction
	http://www.autoplate.org [APL014]
06 Konrad Bayer - Schauer
	http://www.autoplate.org [PROMO]
07 Marsen Jules - Lazy Sunday Funerals 06
	http://www.autoplate.org [APL017]
08 Herr Axelsson - Prelude To Rain
	http://www.notype.com/nishi [NSH027]
09 Tsukimono - Cut Me Out From All Your Pictures
	http://www.komplott.com [BULL005]
10 Infra Red Army - Opti Mystique
	http://www.nexsound.org [NS017]
11 Anton Lennartsson - Det Var Högt
	http://www.komplott.com [BULL006]
12 Kosik - Dust 
	http://www.kikapu.com (KPU039)
13 Crashed By Car - Low Light Rewinder
	http://www.kikapu.com (KPU038)
14 Zen Savauge - Passing Point
	http://www.subsource.de [SUB053]
15 Silent Q - Within Without
	http://www.autoplate.org [PROMO]
16 Off The Sky - Siphen Miasma
	http://www.autoplate.org [PROMO]
17 Herr Axelsson - Prelude To Rain
	http://www.notype.com/nishi [NSH027]
18 Hans Appelqvist - Full The Moon
	http://www.autoplate.org [APL020]

» sebastian at thinnerism.com

» wochtzchee at hot.ee

Thank you

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