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DEAF04 – Affective Turbulence: The Art of Open Systems
Seventh edition of the Dutch Electronic Art Festival

Tuesday 9 – Sunday 21 November 2004
Van Nelle Ontwerpfabriek, Rotterdam (The Netherlands)


The program of DEAF04 – Affective Turbulence is now online. Please check
http://www.deaf04.nl for further information.



In addition to a significant selection of sound installations as part of
the exhibition, DEAF04 also presents other forms of sound art and pays
specific attention to new experiments. The festival is guaranteed to
present new discoveries and not-to-miss concerts by some of the pioneers
in the field of electronic music and experimental sound. A real exclusive
is the reunion concert by The Hub – the band’s members will be performing
together again after ten years.


Tuesday 9 November, 20:30 hrs
Van Nelle Ontwerpfabriek, Rotterdam
Free entrance

Jamie Lidell (vocals), FM Einheit (percussive & non-percussive
instruments), Saskia von Klitzing (drums), Volker Kamp (bass), David Link
(text generators)
Produced by Kunststiftung NRW, ZKM and V2_
ECHOHCE is the unique opening act for DEAF04 by David Link, Jamie Lidell
and FM Einheit, with interactions between man and machine. Jamie Lidell
sings lyrics written only a few seconds before by David Link's Poetry
Machine, a computer which generates a stream of word associations. Jamie
Lidell is famous for his spectacular performances. His album Muddlin Gear
(Warp Records) was critically acclaimed as 'without question a musical
language of the future'. Drummer FM Einheit originates from the German
punk scene and has been the “chief machinery operator” for German
industrial terrorists Einstürzende Neubauten.


Wednesday 10 November, 21:00 hrs
Van Nelle Ontwerpfabriek, Rotterdam
Entrance 10 euro

Maja Ratkje | Ran Slavin
The music of Norwegian composer and performer Maja Ratkje has been heard
all over Europe as well as in Japan, Canada, USA and eastern Russia. Her
album Voice, made in collaboration with Jazzkammer, got a Distinction
Award at Prix Ars Electronica in 2003. Maja is also known for her
collaborations with POING and Jaap Blonk, and as a member of improvisation
ensemble SPUNK and noise duo Fe-mail. At DEAF04 Maja Ratkje brings an
enchanting performance with laptop, sensors, movements and very special
The Israeli audiovisual artist Ran Slavin plays Insomniac City, a
composition of constantly changing images, a lot of sound and computer
music. On DEAF04, he uses custom-designed software to create an improvised
mix of reality and urban illusion.


Thursday 11 November & Friday 12 November, 22:30 hrs
The Young Radicals
With: John Grzinich (LV), Dan Overholt (US), Tom Schouten (BE), Poo (CZ),
Jamka (SK), GND (SK), Tigrics (HU), Sfeer (HU), Kdes (SCG).
Entrance 7,50 euro

Two evenings with young artists that stand out due to their contrary
interpretation of modern, popular electronic and digital music. All the
bands and performers have their own individual and unique approach. John
Grzinich, Dan Overholt, and Tom Schouten all have their own methods on the
cutting edge of sound and image. Additionally, more young performers from
Central European cities will perform who embody a new generation of
audiovisual artists, such as Jamka from Bratislava, Poo from Prague and
Kdes from Belgrade, will perform.


Friday 12 November, 15:00 – 19:00 hrs
location in public space (tbc) & online

TRAMJAM Rotterdam RushHour
with Mumbai Streaming Attack (CH)

TRAMJAM Rotterdam RushHour uses the tram lines between different areas of
Rotterdam to create a musical sound map of the city. The Swiss group
Mumbai Streaming Attack, together with Rotterdam-based sound artists and
media art students, will prepare a four-hour public broadcast performance
on 12 November. A multi-track-multi-driver jam session will follow the
routes and schedules of Rotterdam's tram lines using pre-recorded,
composed and real-time sounds that reflect the city's urban vibe and
mobile living.


Saturday 13 november, 22:30 hrs
Van Nelle Ontwerpfabriek, Rotterdam
Entrance 10 euro

The Hub | The Station | Laetitia Sonami

The legendary Californian band The Hub may be considered as the
predecessors of both connected and laptop music. In the late eighties,
Chris Brown, Scot Gresham-Lancaster, John Bischoff, Tim Perkis, Mark
Trayle, and Phil Stone formed an experimental computer music group that
toured almost all over the world. For the first time in ten years they
will all be playing together again in a unique reunion concert for DEAF04.
For this special concert they will be supported by The Station – a band
especially formed for this occasion – consisting of several young artists
under the direction of music scholar Golo Foellmer. In the days leading up
to the concert they will be working on several compositions inspired by
The Hub.
This night performers include the French American Laetitia Sonami, who
combines lyrics, electronic music and “found” sounds to create
“performance novels,” using instruments of her own design.


Wednesday 10 November – Sunday 14 November
The Streams | DEAF RADIO
Streamers: Pierre de Jaeger (Radioswap, BE), Akos Maroy (Radio Tilos, HU),
Edit Blaumann (Radio Tilos, HU), RadioWORM.
Projects: Zoë Irvine: Magnetic Migration Music (GB), Reclaim the Streams
(Aymeric Mansoux, Yves Degoyon, lluis).
Radio performances / dj's: Huba de Graaff (NL), Gloribel Hernández
(VE/NL), Anne Wellmer, elpueblodechina (CL/NL).

In collaboration with Radioswap, Radio Tilos and RadioWORM, DEAF04
introduces the live streaming segment DEAF RADIO. Within the existing
broadcasting networks there is, unfortunately, no longer room for this
form of radio, but the current Internet streaming technology makes it
possible to realize 'etherless' radio art. During the first week of
DEAF04, DEAF RADIO gives daily reports on the festival with interventions
and radio concerts by female composers and musicians living and working in
The Netherlands. In the evenings, after the heady festival buzz of the
daytime, these artists will create a soothing, dreamy sonic atmosphere.
You can find DEAF RADIO at www.deaf04.nl

DEAF04 - Affective Turbulence: The Art of Open Systems
Tuesday 9 November - Sunday 21 November 2004
Van Nelle Ontwerpfabriek, Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

DEAF04 – Dutch Electronic Art Festival
P.O. Box 19049, 3001 BA Rotterdam
Tel. + 31 (0)10 – 206 72 72
Fax + 31 (0)10 – 206 72 71
E-mail: deaf at v2.nl

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