[spectre] SIGNAL-SEVER?

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Mon Oct 11 17:04:56 CEST 2004

the scenery: a beautiful park on the border of a lake. it's a warm summernight. early september. in the middle of the park, a huge stage has been built up, covered with electronic gear. serious looking young men stand in front of their laptops, executing cryptic routines. above their heads, two giant screens display two (similar) video projections - loops of blurred, nocturnal cityscapes at low framerate. in front of the stage, in the field, a crowd of 20-30 people are listening to the sounds emmited - a gentle mixture of chill-out grooves, techstep and breakbeat makes the air vibrate.

some new visitors just arrived:

he: what's going on here? in the festival program is written that there should be a "système d'interception et unité de traitement sonore et visuel" that "maps the electromagnetic spectrum, treats and transforms the signals to reforward them in the ether". did you see such a sound installation somewhere?

she: no, there's just this stage, i don't know, maybe it's this....

he: it cannot be this - from what i know it should have something to do with satellite transmissions... here it's written: "les spectres HF, VHF, UHF, bande-L, bande-C et bande-Ku sont analysés et traités"!

she: well, when i was here this afternoon it sounded worse, they were playing french freetechno.

[suddenly a local dj appears]

local dj: hi, how are you doing! it's pretty cool, isn't it?

he: yeah, super cool - but i was expecting something like live data processing, not just drum'n'bass...

local dj: but that's what they're doing! everything is treated in realtime - i even heard at some moment cellphone conversations in french! can you see there on the right corner on the stage? there's a radar antenna turning.

she: well, excuse me, we didn't hear this, we're only here since 30 minutes.

local dj: come on, you cannot expect them to transmit just pure radio frequencies during twelve hours!

he: why not?

local dj [getting confused]: well, ok, they could do it ...  but as a matter of fact, they made a decision, and they've chosen to do it this way, and you should respect that. i think it would be definitely too boring for the people. but you can disagree of course.

they look at each other. the talk is over - further discussion seems impossible. on the stage, the antenna keeps turning. the beat keeps pulsating. it's a warm midsummernight.

>To: <spectre at mikrolisten.de>
>From: Marko Peljhan <mx at rx-tx.org>
>Cc: Marko Peljhan <mx at rx-tx.org>, xchange at re-lab.net
>a signals interception night by Projekt Atol/Pact systems 
>at the CITE SONIC program of NUIT BLANCHE, PARIS, 2004.10.02.-2004.10.03
>and LIVE over ATLANTIC BIRD 3 satellite, 5 deg W as part of the
>ART+COMMUNICATION festival in Riga, Latvia
>featuring: Nullo, Mx, Droomoff and Sound Meccano, Delray, Dr.Webber, Jadviga, Puna Syndicate, Random Logic, Octex, Chardronnet, Dj Ivol, Dj Rextexman , Joachim Monthesius and friends
>performance start: 21.00
>satellite transmission start: 22.00
>satellite transmission end: 23.00
>performance end: 2004.10.03. 07.00 
>all times Central European Time (UTC+2)
>Satellite Reception details:
>Satellite: AB3, 5 deg W
>Downlink: 11494.6 MHz V
>Type: 420
>FEC: 3/4
>Symbol rate: 6.1113
>Alternate frequency:  11499 MHz V
>The project was made by the generous support of the Slovenian Ministry of Culture, City of Ljubljana Cultural department, City of Paris, rx:tx,  and with the participation of the TCM - Trans Cultural Mapping Culture 2000 project of the European Union. 
>Additional support: UCSB, Delray Studios, Ellipse, Films du Soleil, Adria Airways
>Forthcoming events: 
>SIGNAL-SEVER! TRANSIGNAL 7, Freewaves festival Los Angeles, November 27
>PROGRESS -EX04, festival of new and electronic music, Ljubljana November 24-26
>An evening with Marko Peljhan, DEAF Rotterdam, November 12

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