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New reviews & articles on Furtherfield - October 2004.

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Amorphoscapes - Stanza.
Review by David Jennings.
Stanza's Amorphoscapes contains twenty audio-visual Shockwave pieces 
built using generative principles, with varying degrees of 
interactivity. The works currently on view were made between 1998 and 
2003. While many may think of Stanza mainly in terms of the interactive 
sound elements of his apparently prolific output in interactive sound 
art (Stanza also curates the Soundtoys.net site and has many other 
projects featured at www.stanza.co.uk), the visual element of the 
amorphoscape pieces has a strong presence.

Places i have never been people i have never seen by Jess Loseby (2004).
Review by Katya Moorman.
To take a snapshot is to capture a moment of time. A decision is made by 
the photographer, the shutter is pressed and there you have it. What 
Jess Loseby has done is to discover the photos of others by searching 
for particular phrases via a search engine and seeing what images are 
brought up by keywords like “at the shops” or “in the lane”. It’s a bit 
like finding photos at a flea market that have been arranged by subject 
matter. A remnant of the witness. In places I have never been, people I 
have never seen Jess Loseby finds other people’s moments and instills 
new meaning by choice of focus.

'Being Boring' an evolutive net.film by Fran Illitch (2004).
Review by Joachim Desarmenien.
No Playstation. No TV. Real Life. For a week - The story is quite 
simple: 2 girls lose their TV so they have to find a life of their own 
until the TV is repaired, which will take at least a week. A week 
without Telenovelas, without MTV, without the Discovery Channel, without 
Big Brother, without TV ads, without talk shows, without Coca-Cola ads, 
no world news updates, no dream cars to win, no money to cash in, and 
worse, all those full days with nothing to do.

Review of "Hlemmur in C" Pall Thayer (2004).
Review by Patrick Simons.
In 1964 Terry Riley first performed "In C " in San Francisco, a piece of 
music which is determined by the interrelationship between the 
instructions set by the composer and the musicians who work their way 
through the patterns of notes or data as they will. Thayer's "Hlemmur in 
C" is similarly conceived, a project which contrives to produce an 
audio/visual work from a set of human actions (G.P.S. tracked taxi 
journeys) which are used to produce a set a data (tones and pin pricks).

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