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From: Mayo FM <Lilaroja at GMX.NET>
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Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2004 23:19:05 +0200
Subject: ESF: Activist research debate (autonomous space)


Forum of communications rights (ESF parallel space):

DEBATE ON  Activist  Research and Copy-left


Reflection on the potentialities of the research from and for
socials movements action. Open research for free and equal use.

Short presentations  group discussions  plenary

Saturday 16th October
Time 1400  1600 Room 129 at the Bartlett school of architecture / UCL
The Bartlett School
Wates House
22 Gordon Street
London WC1
(10 min. slow walk from Camden Centre)
Contact: Mayo at moviments.net
Glocal action research centre  (www.infoespai.org)
Action reserach network for the ESF process


After 5 years from the Seattle call, and 3 from the I World Social Forum it
is now time for reflection about what has happened during the last, very
resonant years, and about how to continue. In response to that,
several initiatives are growing within multiple trajectories emerging from
intersection of political action and investigation. Our aim is to endow
the process of social mobilisation and social change with archiving and
researching techniques. We could frame it as activist research.

Are there any new forms of commitment and antagonistic subjectivity through
the practice of activist research?

What is activist research for? Why now?  From where? And how?

To which extent does activist research redefine the relationship between
academia and society? To which extent does it undermine the Ivory Tower

What kind of knowledge does it generate? How to manage that knowledge?

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