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Wed Oct 13 22:06:42 CEST 2004

From: Sureyyya Evren <sureyyya at yahoo.com>

        'L O C K Y O U R M I N D'
        Istanbul - Berlin
        Next opening:
        Thursday, October, 14th, 8.30 p.m.; Mari Brellochs: Office of
        Apartman Projesi, Seyhbender Sokak No:4, Tunel Asmalimescit,
        daily 6.00 9.00 p.m.; until October, 20th
        Office of Smile
        Mari Brellochs writes: The slogan >our smile is waiting for you<
        is a 
        promise the Turkish ministry of tourism made to the foreign
        The smile from Azra Akin on the billboard is not a simple
        smile, its a product, to make the visitor pay for visiting
        Turkey. Also 
        its an decision for a special thin surface, what Turkey shall be
        the world. The function of the smile is not to be friendly and
        someone in your house. Most times we smile, because it has
        function than just being friendly. Its the sign: >I am ok, and
        wont do 
        you no harm, so please act the same way< the function is may be 
        something like! to cover the fear, or >sorry I dont know at all
        what I 
        shall do or say, please dont get angry about that< the function
        is may 
        be something like to cover the shame and the feeling being
        Mari Brellochs Office of Smile, wants to explore the
        connotations of 
        a smile. Therefore he uses the office as a casting studio
        Lock your mind
        is a 2 month program at sox36, in Berlin-Kreuzberg (September,
        and a 2 month Program at Apartman Projesi, in Istanbul-Beyoglu
        (October, November)
        with the participation of 4 artists each, from Berlin and
        Susanne Bosch, Berlin, http://www.susannebosch.de/
        Mari Brellochs, Berlin
        Jean Ulrick Dsert, Berlin http://www.jeanulrickdesert.com/
        Borga Kanturk, Istanbul http://www.borgakanturk.com/
        Mara Linares, Berlin http://www.ing-24.com/
        Ahmet gut, Istanbul
        Serkan zkaya, Istanbul
        Mustafa Erdem zler, Istanbul
        Curated by Sureyyya Evren, Istanbul
        and Stephan Kurr, Berlin,
        openings to be followed:
        - October, 27th, Jn. Ulrick Dsert, Methamorphoses Sublimes;
        Projesi, Istanbul, until October, 7th
        - November, 10th, Mara Linares, I CHING CONSULTING, Apartman 
        Projesi, Istanbul, until October, 17th
        A catalogue will be published by Art-Ist press, Istanbul end of
        year (32 pages/german-trkish-english / 8,50 / 15.000.000 T)
        Subscription at: mail at sox36.de

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