[spectre] A Hacker Manifesto book party

Louise Desrenards louise.desrenards at free.fr
Tue Oct 19 19:27:07 CEST 2004

What beautiful introductions! I am delighted at this party even if I cannot
fly to it.

All our wishes!



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> Harvard University Press & McKenzie Wark
> invite you to a party to celebrate
> McKenzie's new book, A Hacker Manifesto.
> 6-8PM Thursday 21st October
> The Orozco Room
> New School University
> 66 w 12th st, 7th floor
> with DJ Javier Feliu
> rsvp: mw35 at nyu.edu
> "What Ken Wark's book does is take us deep into the
> philosophy of hacking: it gives us a new way of seeing those
> irreverent folks who play for keeps with digital culture. It's
> not every day that you get a book that takes you deep into
> the realm of practical analysis of the ways that we abstract
> thought and action in search for more kicks on-line."
> Paul D. Miller a.k.a. DJ Spooky that Subliminal Kid
> "Ours is once again an age of manifestos. Wark's book
> challenges the new regime of property relations with all the
> epigrammatic vitality, conceptual innovation, and
> revolutionary enthusiasm of the great manifestos."
> Michael Hardt, co-author of Empire
> "Wark's quality is to generate general theory out of singular
> experiences. Peculiar identities are liberated from their
> ghetto subculture contexts and turned into hegemonic
> politics. Hacking, according to Wark, is not a belief system
> but an emancipatory toolbox, ready to be used throughout
> society."
> Geert Lovink, author of Dark Fiber
> "Wark's manifesto is an opening salvo in this fresh form of
> class warfare. We have moved from the handloom weavers
> to the hackers, but the social logic remains the same... A
> searching, thoughtful meditation. The question that inspires
> it--where are the sources of resistance in postindustrial
> capitalism?--is a compelling one. This is a perceptive,
> provocative study, packed to the seams with acute analysis."
> Terry Eagleton, The Nation
> "Type hello to the nascent "hacker class," Wark's loose
> confederation of fixers, file sharers, inventors, shut-ins,
> philosophers, programmers, and pirates... The Lang College
> professor's ambitious A Hacker Manifesto Googles for signs
> of hope in this cyber-global-corporate-brute world of ours,
> and he fixes on the hackers, macro-savvy visionaries from all
> fields who "hack" the relationships and meanings the rest of
> us take for granted. If we hackers-of words, computers,
> sound, science, etc.-organize into a working, sociopolitical
> class, Wark argues, then the world can be ours."
> Hua Hsu, Village Voice
> For more information on the book:
> http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog/WARHAC.html
> To order it from your favorite online bookstore:
> http://www.amazon.com
> http://www.barnesandnoble.com
> http://www.powells.com
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