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From: Cornelia Sollfrank <cornelia at snafu.de>

"Legal Perspective"
Exhibition by Cornelia Sollfrank
November 5 - 22nd, 2004
Opening: November 4th, 2004; 8pm

For the exhibition Cornelia Sollfrank realized a new work in the trouble
spot between a current artistic practice and the laws in force. Part of
her original project for the [plug.in] exhibition was to display a
series of images which were produced by her net.art generator. For these
pieces the net.art generator used Andy Warhol's flower images, and
reassembled parts of them to create new images. In the opinion of
certain lawyers this project would not have been in accordance with the
law and could therefore not be realized.

As a consequence, Sollfrank and her camera team visited four lawyers
specialized in intellectual property right. She talked with the lawyers
about the legal risks implied in running and using the programs and in
downloading, saving, publishing and distributing the re-worked images,
also with regard to the possibility of displaying her work in [plug.in].
With this project Sollfrank tries not only to make a point for artistic
freedom in general, but especially for free experimenting, processing
and re-working of exisiting material as a legitimate and serious
artistic practice that has been developed throughout the 20th century.

The interviews address the limitations of the artistic freedom, which is
granted by the basic rights of most countries. They also ask about the
infringement of intellectual property rights, which are committed by a
computer program, by internet users, and by an artistic practice which
is becoming more and more important in a contemporary cultural
discourse. The beautiful and visually seducing re-worked Andy Warhol
flower images are at the core of the interviews, but must remain absent
in the exhibition. What becomes visible instead is the boundary, where
it's no longer artists but lawyers and courts which take decisions on
cultural developments: The 'legal perspective' as one possible
contribution to art history's central discussion about perspective?

Collaborating lawyers: RA Peter Eller, Munich; RA Jens Brelle, Hamburg,
Dr. Rolf Auf der Mauer, Zurich; Dr. Sven Krüger, Hamburg;

The exhibition takes place within copy-create-manipulate", a part of the
VIPER Festival 2004 which was curated by [plug.in].

[plug-in], St. Alban-Rheinweg 64, CH-4052 Basel
Tel. +41 61 283 60 50, Fax +41 61 283 60 51, office at iplugin.org
Opening hours: Wed-Sat 2-6 pm, Thu 2-6pm and 8-10pm

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