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Hi everybody,

Below I've the pleasure to forward the message sent by Regina Celia Pinto in
addition to Jeremy's message.


Isabel Saij

Forwarded message:

Dear all,

It is interesting to add that:

"Quixotes and sheep"
is a collaborative, copyleft and interactive net.art piece.
The creation is the result of works made by several artists
in different countries:

  1- Alexandre Venera (Brazil)> the Author of the project and also his
  2- Babel (Canada)
  3- Edward Picot (UK)
  4- Joesér Alvarez (Brazil)
  5- Isabel Aranda Yto (Chile)
  6- Isabel Saij (France)
  7- Jeremy Hight (USA)
  8- Juliana Teodoro (Brazil)
  9- Miguel Jimenez "Zenón" (Spain)
 10- Muriel Frega (Argentine)
 11- Regina Célia Pinto (Brazil)

The works of each artist and the net.art piece itself are placed
under a copyleft license: the "free art license".
the text of the license is available at the following adress:

"Quixotes and Sheep"
was inspired by the project "Big Sheep", a collaborative
and copyleft project: http://bigsheep.blogspot.com by Isabel Saij and Regina
Célia Pinto.
Some of the original or derivative creations of "big sheep" and new works
dedicated to the theme are used in "Quixotes and Sheep"
which interactively includes movies, stills, texts and sounds.
simultaneously displayed in 3 areas of the screen.
The project is open and new collaborations are welcome.
"Quixotes and Sheep"
is based on the chapter 18 of Cervantes' book.
The general theme is a simple scream/question to
"sick Quixotes" and "gluton Panzas": we are sheep??!!

Ingenio400: http://www.ingenio400.com

Quixotes and Sheep: http://arteonline.arq.br/quixote/

best regards,

Regina Célia Pinto

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