[spectre] Kinema Ikon retrospect at MNAC Bucharest

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MNAC Bucharest

Kinema Ikon retrospect
6 october – 6 december

National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest
Palace of the Parliament, wing E4
Entrance Calea 13 Septembrie
Wednesday - Sunday 10 am - 6 pm
Tel: 004021 3189137
info at mnac.ro

kinema ikon (1970-2005) – multimedia atelier at the Art Museum Arad 
(RO) is the oldest ongoing experimental art group in Romania. The 
thirty-five years of existence are the result of an optimum 
equilibrium between the participative, collaborative or group 
projects, and the individual works. Something between the 
satisfaction of the collective creation and the satisfaction of the 
auctorial egotism. Therefore, the stylistic mark of kinema ikon 
occurs from the interdisciplinary approach of a certain medium (film, 
video, hypermedia) with the specific tools of the different fields 
its members activate in (artists, writers, architects, photographers, 
musicians, programmers, etc.)

kinema ikon has undergone three different stages: experimental film 
(1970-19890), video art (1990-19930), and from 1994 on, exclusively 
hypermedia works as interactive installations on cd-rom, and as 
net.art. Both individual works and the group works – Opera Prima, 
Commedia del Multimedia, alteridem.exe and Hymera - are stylistically 
characterized by experimental, eclectic and playful forms of 
expression. The resulting works are sensible objects, having an 
aspect of digital chimera, set in a non-linear fictional discourse, 
allowing multiple possibilities to the user’s interactive approach.

The group publishes periodically the intermedia magazine, the 
theoretical dimension of its member’s interest in the new media.

Members of the group: George Sabau, multimedia theorist; Calin Man, 
media artist; Alin Gherman, programmer; Judit Angel, art critic and 
curator; Peter Hügel, archaeologist; Caius Grozav, programmer, Romuls 
Bucur, poet; Roxana Chereches, philologist; Ioan Ciorba, sound 

curators: Raluca Velisar, Stefan Tiron

For more details a catalogue is available upon request. It presents a 
contextual history of the group, the theoretical project, texts 
selectively republished from intermedia magazine and images of the 
works together with a dvd entitled worx - a demo which gathers kinema 
ikon’s opera omnia.

Currently on view at MNAC:

Depot - "This is not an exhibition" | 1 September - 1 December
casa gontz - sptv.org | 4 September - 13 October
casa gontz - poltur ltd., curator: Mihnea Mircan | 4 September - 23 October
OFFSET [2004] 
<http://offset.underconstruct.com>http://offset.underconstruct.com | 
4 September - 13 October


National Museum of Contemporary Art Bucharest
general director: Mihai Oroveanu | artistic director: Ruxandra Balaci

Palace of the Parliament, wing E4
Entrance Calea 13 Septembrie
Open: Wednesday - Sunday 10 am - 6 pm
Tel: 004021 3189137
info at mnac.ro

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