[spectre] Terminal Gdansk 2006 - call for applications.

maciej wojnicki maciejwojnicki at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 20 21:46:08 CET 2005

              Terminal Gdansk 2006 is a project of an international 
artistic exchange that will take place at the Centre for Contemporary 
Art "Laznia" (Bathhouse) in Gdansk in October 2006.
             The project's main subjecta are modern improvised music 
and new media arts as tools for interpersonal communication, group 
and self-_expression, reflection and joy.
             The main aim of the project is to create an occasional, 
international art group, consisting of artists from Poland and other 
EU countries. The group wil l meet and work together within one week 
of October 2006 at CfCA Laznia and other places around Tricity 
(cities of Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia, northern Poland).
             The main issue of the meeting is to seize the 
relationship between art based on improvisation and the place where 
it is performed. The audiovisual material recorded during the series 
of planned and spontaneous meetings, happenings, performances and 
provocations will be analysed, rethought, sampled and reconstructed 
into a form of multimedia compositions. The result will be performed 
by the multimedia orchestra (project participants) during the final 
concert at CfCA Laznia.
            The whole concert will be recorded in audio and video 
format and rel eased as a DVD.
             Invited artists are musicians representing improvised, 
experimental and electronic, instrumentalists and composers from 
academic and alternative scene and artists working with new media, 
film, video-art and other visual ats. The participants should be aged 
25 and below, however in some particular cases it is not necessary. 
Aplications are gathered utill the end of December 2005.
             Terminal Gdansk 2006 is held within the EU "Youth" 
Programme in cooperation with CfCA Laznia Gdañsk.

Feel free t o write for more information:
Maciej Wojnicki
mwojnicki at wp.pl


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