[spectre] Virtual Storytelling 2005 Strasbourg

Ewen Chardronnet ewen at altern.org
Thu Nov 24 16:52:18 CET 2005

*What's hot?

    * *30 November – 2 December 2005, Strasbourg, France* - Virtual

    This international conference will gather researchers from the
    scientific, artistic and industrial communities to demonstrate new
    methods and techniques, show the latest results, and to exchange
    concepts and ideas for the use of Virtual Reality technologies for
    creating, populating, rendering and interacting with stories, what
    ever their form be it theatre, movie, cartoon, advertisement, puppet
    show, multimedia work, video-games...

    Virtual Storytelling’05 will be organized in the framework of the
    Virtual Reality Week of Strasbourg that associates several
    scientific meetings with a common day on Nov. 30th. This conjunction
    will make Virtual Storytelling’05 a key high-level scientific and
    artistic event in 2005.


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