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Subject: Call for Artwork for new graphics book and
Date: Sun, 11 Sep 2005 17:44:14 +0000
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This isn't a Microcosm project per se, but our friend
Josh of justseeds.org is compiling a new book of
radical artwork that will be published by Soft Skull
Press. He is looking for submissions. I know that many
of you are artists or designers yourself and this is a
great opportunity to get your work in print.

In other news, we've just released the first book from
Moe Bowstern, the second version of the hit video
"talkie" $100 & A T-Shirt, and hauled back a slew of
new books and videos from AK Press a few weeks ago. 

Speaking of AK Press, they are our new booktrade
distributors. We've recently cancelled our arrangement
with National Book Network/Biblio and switched over to
AK Press. Aside from the fact that Biblio had some
trouble knowing what to do with our books, it feels
much nicer to be working with friends (and future
friends) who operate under an anarchist worker-owned
cooperative. While we had friends at Biblio it always
had a bit of a corporate feel and a sea of paperwork
that made me feel very alienated from the staff. We've
always been distributed by AK but now they will also
deal our books more to stores and out through Ingram,
Baker & Taylor, and other people we'd rather not have
to deal with directly. 

Xtra Tuf #5 Book - Moe has brought us the inside story
about being a woman who fishes commercially for years.
If that doesn't seem fascinating to you, you have
another thing coming. Moe is an amazing storyteller
and reveals much about the history of commercial
fishing in Alaska through a very descriptive and
personable narrative that can be understood by any
layperson. She tells great stories of the crews she's
been involved with and their dynamics as well being a
woman involved in a very male dominated profession.
Moe has a passion for fishing and the sea and she
shares this with you in her zine. This is her story of
being on the job and "how she got xtra tuf" on a few
different episodes of labor disagreements that held up
work(technically not "strikes") over many years.
Fascinating reading as she combines her artistic and
DIY sensibilities with labor tactics in order to
achieve the fishermen's goals and get everyone back to
work! $5 from us / $6 in stores

$100 & A T-Shirt, Version 2.0 now available! - A year
in the making, the second version of this highly
acclaimed video talkie is now available! The most
common gripes were that the original was too long with
too many talking heads so we've tightened it up with
reduced redundancy, 12 new visual re-enactment shots,
2 new bonus tracks (zinesters who publish books and
Malady's boner story comic), plus commentary tracks
from Jack Saturn, Dave Roche, Joe Biel, and Alex
Wrekk! VHS now only $6. DVD is $8 / $10 in stores
Keep an eye out for the 2006 Slingshot Organizer which
should be available in a few weeks!

Look below Josh's call out for a list of other new

Take carez,


Attention Radical Political Artists!
to be published in a new book.
Deadline: October 31st, 2005
Reproduce and Revolt!: Radical Graphics for the 21st
Century, Edited by Josh MacPhee & Favianna Rodriguez
Soft Skull Press
Reproduce and Revolt! is a graphic toolbox to be
launched into the hands of political activists all
over the world. The book will contain over 300 new and
exciting high-quality black & white illustrations and
graphics about social justice and political activism
for activists to use on flyers, posters, t-shirts,
brochures, stencils or any other graphic aspects of
political campaigns. All the graphics will be bold and
easy to reproduce, in addition to being
royalty-free/open source/anti-copyright/creative
We are now collecting submissions of graphics,
illustrations and art for the book, which will be
published by Soft Skull Press in late 2006. We will
chose for the book according quality of the image,
reproducibility, and how well the graphic conveys the
issues. Not everyone's submissions will be included.
We will also be attempting to craft the book to
represent the output of as diverse a group of artists
as possible, across gender, race, ethnicity,
nationality, sexuality, ability, etc. Reproduce &
Revolt! is not intended to be a who's who of well
known and successful political artists, this call is
open to ALL levels of artists.
Here are the specifications for the images:
• BLACK & WHITE/Greyscale.
• High Resolution: either original artwork on paper or
high res digital images, minimum 600 dpi for
greyscale, 1200 dpi for line art.
• vector-based graphics in .ai and .eps file types are
encouraged (but in no way mandatory!)
• A minimum of 6 inches x 6 inches.
• All mediums are accepted (various forms of
printmaking, drawing, digital design, collages, etc.).
The main factor is reproducibility.
• Because I hope the book will be useful for years to
come, no graphics that are specific to individual
politicians or limited specific political campaigns
will be selected. This means NO George Bush graphics. 
The goal of the book is not to be a "best of" of
anti-war or anti-bush images, but a collection of
political graphic material that will continue to be
directly useful to political activists for years to
We hope this project will help activists and
organizers all over the world, but also help boost
radical artists themselves by getting our work further
out into the world. We hope to be able to pay a
nominal fee for each piece published as well as give
each artist access to books at 50% off the cover
All material must be submitted by October 31st, 2005.
THIS IS THE FINAL DEADLINE. There is no limit to the
number of images you can submit. Remember BLACK &
WHITE, NO COLOR please. All images need to be emailed
to "reproduce [at] justseeds [dot] org" OR "favianna
[at] favianna [dot] com" or mailed to: Josh
MacPhee/R&R, 53 Third St. Troy, NY 12180

If you have any additional questions, feel free to
write or email josh at justseeds.org 

Josh MacPhee & Favianna Rodriguez
* Black Protest: History, Documents, and analyses;
1619 to Present Book
* What is Situationism? Book
* Berkeley in the 60s DVD
* Controlled Flight Into Terrain Book
* The Devil's Anarchy Book: The Sea Robberies Of The
Most Famous Pirate Claes G Compaen & The Very
Remarkable Travels Of Jan Erasmus Re
* Cunt Book: A Declaration of Independence
* On The Road With The Ramones Book
* Roadkill Bill Book
* War in the Neighborhood Book
* Sister of the Road Book: Boxcar Bertha
* Still Waiting for Nike to Do It Book
* Vegan Vittles Book
* Zapatista DVD
* Distorted Morality DVD: America's War on Terror
* Instant-Mix Imperial Democracy DVD
* Sticker #233: Fucking Table
* Sticker #234: Support Local Co-ops
* Anarchy Book: Graphic Guide
* Unfinished Business Book: The Politics of Class War
* Beat the Heat Book
* Chomsky for Beginners Book
* The East Village Inky #28
* HeartattaCK #47
* Seizing the Airwaves Book
* Chomsky on Anarchism Book
* Rebel Bookseller Book
* Free Women Of Spain Book: Anarchism And The Struggle
For The Emancipation Of Women
* The Blast Book: Complete Collection Of The
Incendiary San Francisco Bi-Monthly Anarchist
Newspaper From 1916-1917 That Gave Voice To
* $pread #2
* Dove Poster
* Broken Pencil #28
* Radical South Zine
* Rolling Thunder: an anarchist journal of dangerous
* Hope Bicycle Poster
* The Ms. Films DIY Guide to Film and Video
* Word Salad #3:
* Broken Hipster #3
* Sticker #231: Bike Jocks are Still Jocks
* Patch #128: Wheel Heart
* Sticker #232: Books and Bikes
* 28 Pages Lovingly Bound with Twine #13
* Avow #20
* Quantify #6
* DIY Book: The Rise of Lo-Fi Culture
* Philosophy of Punk Book: More Than Noise!
* Complete Guide to Lock Picking Book
* Complete Control Book: An Anthology 1997-2005
* Blurt #3

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