[spectre] Budapest: Tamas Waliczky workshop at MIE Video

perika perika at mail.mie.hu
Tue Sep 13 22:21:17 CEST 2005

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Hi all,

I am happy to inform you that Tamas Waliczky (waliczky.com) is coming to 
Budapest to lead a workshop between September 19 and September 23, 2005 
at the Video Department of the Hungarian University of Arts and Design 
(MIE Video) (www.video.mie.hu). The workshop's general theme is 
"Perspective". Tamas Waliczky, as an internationally recognised 
Hungarian media artist winning several prizes with his works, currently 
lives in Germany. He is the professor of the HBK Saar. During his 
workshop, in the morning he gives lectures open to public, and in the 
afternoon, 18 students from the University of Arts and Design and from 
the Intermedia Department of the University of Fine Arts will have 
personal consultation with Tamas Waliczky to develope their concepts.

The workshop participants are young video and media artists:

Katarina Sevic
Piros Zoltán
Csato Mate
Gyenei Peter
Taller Jozsef
Palfi Szabolcs
Erdei Zsuzsa
Balogh Balazs
Mesterhazy Katalin
Francia Ildiko
Kazar Fatima
Pinter Zoltan
Illes Istvan
Marton Gabor Daniel
Nagy Agoston
Samu Bence
Harsanyi Reka
Bordos Laszlo Zsolt

Erika Katalina Pasztor
[head of MIE Video]

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