[spectre] 3 Oktober: ResonanCity @ Re:visie [Nederlands Filmfestival - Centraal Museum, Utrecht]

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Tue Sep 27 14:52:32 CEST 2005

*==== Live performance ResonanCity by Sara Kolster and Derek Holzer*
*==== October 3, 20.00 uur *
*==== Dutch Film Festival / Re:visie*
*==== Centraal Museum [Post CM building], Utrecht NL*

*Dutch Film Festival / Re:Visie*
During the Dutch Film Festival [28 sept - 7 oct] a second edition of the
visual art program 'Re:Visie' is presented. Curators Annet Dekker (Dutch
Institute of Media Art, Montevideo/Time Based Arts] and Karel Doing
[Film maker and co-founder of the Filmbank] put together a program in
which 'interaction between different art disciplines is the central theme.


The performance ResonanCity is presented on the 3rd of October within
the Re:visie program. Besides ResonanCity, two other performances -
FACES (Joost van Veen & Huib Emmer) and OPTICAL MACHINES (Rikkert Brok &
Maarten Halmans) will be presented on the evening of the 3rd.

Many sounds and images in our everyday lives slip past our notice simply
because they are too small, or because we lack the proper receivers to
pick them up. "ResonanCity" is an ongoing project to gather these
microscopic sounds and images from various cities, and to amplify and
transform them. The goal is to build a new city of sound and visuals
inside the old one, and to inspire curiosity and exploration of one’s
own environment. Visually, Kolster’s work deconstructs the analog/
digital divide by presenting carefully prepared film positives in a
software-manipulated environment. Similarly, Holzer’s realtime digital
sound treatments highlight and enhance rather than obscure and distort
the field recordings and sound objects he collects.

ResonanCity recently won the second prize at the WRO International Media
Arts Biennale in Wroclaw, PL.


*Location: Post CS building*
Re:Visie takes place in POST CM, Agnietenstraat in Utrecht. The entrance
is opposite the main entrance of the Centraal Museum.


derek holzer ::: http://www.umatic.nl
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