[spectre] opening of the YOUTH CENTER CK13 in Novi Sad, Serbia

by way of Andreas Broeckmann office at kuda.org
Thu Apr 12 14:16:52 CEST 2007

We are inviting you to the opening of the YOUTH CENTER CK13 in Novi Sad, Serbia

Address: Vojvode Bojovica 13
Novi Sad, Serbia


"Youth Center CK13" is an independent and educative project dedicated 
to stimulation and development of social engagement and political 
activism of young people above all, which implies high degree of 
self-organizing and self-sustainability of youth activities and their 
independent political actions.

"Youth Center CK13" is established by three independent organizations 
from Novi Sad: Kruzok, AKO - Alternative Cultural Organization and 
New Media Center_kuda.org. The project represents continuation of 
their common work on the problems of rightwing extremism, nationalism 
and xenophobia. Realization of the project is enabled by initial 
support of "Schueler Helfen Leben" foundation from Berlin, Germany 



19:00 h: Official opening of the Youth Center CK13
Program of the opening and speakers:

-       PETAR ATANACKOVIC, member of the Kruzok group, Novi Sad, will 
present the idea and the focuses of the project of establishing Youth 
Center in Novi Sad.

-       BRANKA CURCIC, member of the New Media Center_kuda.org, Novi 
Sad, will give an overview of development and/or devastation of youth 
and culture spaces in Novi Sad from 1970's until today.

-       RUEDIGER RATSCH-HEITMANN, Managing Director Foundation 
"SCHUELER HELFEN LEBEN", Berlin, will introduce the work of SHL in 
South Eastern Europe.

-       TAMARA JOVANOVIC, member of AKO-Alternative Cultural 
Organization, Novi Sad, and CHRISTIAN THEUERL, member of the InWhole 
housing project from Potsdam, Germany, will represent ongoing 
research project "The life of women in Vojvodina in WWII and in the 
postwar period", the first project taking place within the "Youth 
Center CK13".

This research is dedicated to exploration of female position and 
engagement in the WWII and in the period right after the war. The 
research itself aims to give different historical insight in the 
position of women, but also an insight to the war, rightwing 
extremism in certain historical moment, to the various forms of 
resistance from the perspective of women, as an unique and 
emancipatory position. This research is part of an ongoing 
collaboration between youth initiatives from Novi Sad and Democratic 
YouthForum from Brandenburg, Germany.


21:00 h: Concert of Novi Sad music bands

-       THE BOMBER

Entrance fee: 100 dinars

"Youth Center CK13" has been initiated due to a dramatic lack of 
educational and media equipped youth gathering spaces in Novi Sad, 
which conceptually connects needs of youth population and which are 
accessible to them. Systematic unconcern of ruling structures for the 
development of both public and independent cultural and youth spaces 
in Novi Sad, from 1980's up to date, has primarily lead to 
devastation of those spaces, and thence to the marginalization of 
political and social engagement of youth in general. Today, every 
form of independent social engagement suffers significant pressure of 
instrumentalization, where under the plea of neoliberalism, its 
connection with specific and extremely narrow meaning of 
democratization and with uncritically embraced mechanisms of economic 
normalization, is used as justification. Thereby, every activism in 
the field of culture, art, society and politics easily becomes 
co-modified and alienated from its fundamental meaning, as a 
potential for initiation of concrete and controversial social changes.

Precisely from that reason, "Youth Center CK13" is initiated, in 
order to create open space dedicated to public discussions, research 
projects, independent publishing, concerts, workshops and lectures, 
employing diverse methods of networking and transdisciplinarity. To 
that effect, CK13 represents integration point of different 
socio-political initiatives and their common work on exploring 
rightwing extremism in our society, (anti)-racism, (anti)-fascism and 
(anti)-nationalism, within the scope of the research centre, library 
and the archive of the Youth Center.

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