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Tue Apr 17 10:11:25 CEST 2007

Video installation "eyes" some of the changes that the
2012 Olympics  
will bring.

>From 23rd April Artist Larisa Blazic, supported by
SPACE and Free  Form, is projecting an exciting new
video installation 205A Morning  Lane onto a SPACE
artists studio to mark its closure.

"It is widely known that 2012 Olympic games will
introduce tectonic changes in the urban tapestry of
East London. What will happen to the artists’ studio
spaces and how this affects contemporary art
production are some of the questions raised in this
project." Said Blazic

205A Morning Lane aims to add an extraordinary element
to the cityscape and make a profound contribution to
public life of LB Hackney, but also more quietly
improve upon public spaces in collaboration with
participating artists. It is contributing to a lively
urban society, binding the screens more to the
communal context of the space and therefore creating
local identity and engagement. Its digital nature
makes these screening platforms an experimental
visualisation zone on the threshold of virtual and
urban public space.

As a site-specific video installation 205A Morning
Lane uses the building as a projection screen to
explore possibilities of temporary urban video
interventions, architecture and art. It marks the end
of SPACE’s 205A Morning Lane studio building with two
sets of visuals projected to the building's windows.
First floor projection of 205A Morning Lane artists'
eyes closing and second floor projection of artists’
eyes opening - as eyes, window to the soul ñ the
metaphor for cycles - endings and beginnings.

10 Video projectors are distributed in 10 artists'
studios and projecting directly onto windows from
inside - out thus creating two stripes of projections
on the main facade.

The projected material is changed on a nightly basis
(seven consecutive nights of projections) to play
slower and slower motion so that at the end of
projection all eyes close.

The video installation can be seen each night at 205A
Morning Lane,  
London E9 from 23rd - 29th April 2007.

Private view: 26th April 2007 7-9 PM 
To get there: Hackney Central Station or busses 30,
48, 55, 106, 254


With a spud, a tin box, and an elementary book on botany, 
there are instructive days to be spent.


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