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> From: PRESS - aMAZElab <press at amaze.it>
> Date: 31 May 2007 3:12:14 PM
> To: PRESS - aMAZElab <press at amaze.it>
> Subject: NEW CITY TERRITORY: 12/13 June - Venice
> VENICE BIENNIAL: Art and Theory as cultural practices.
>  The department of Industrial Arts & Design of the IUAV in Venice and  
> aMAZElab offer a moment of reflection in collaboration with Venice  
> International Biennial. An experimental and multi-disciplinary debate  
> on  “case study” cities (Istanbul, Beirut, Nicosia, Tel Aviv,  
> Alexandria, Barcelona and Venice), on contemporary perceptions of the  
> city, as well as on the theme of new territories. Migratory flows of  
> people, cultures and economies. The writing on the walls of  
> contemporary city-territories, open maps with multiple meanings  
> between their emotional, geographical, historical and social layers.  
> International seminar; publishing and journalistic presentations;  
> conferences and video projections, visual materials, on the subject  
> Atlante Mediterraneo. New City-Territory.
> PROGRAMME @ IUAV/DADI, ex Convento Terese,12-13 June, Venice
>  Contributs by: Tony Chakar, Markus Miessen, Paolo Fabbri, Pierluigi  
> Sacco, Peter Lang, Vasif Kortun, Domenec, Martí Peran, Eleni Xenou,  
> Elena Parpa, Alessandro Petti, Tom Trevor, Umberto Pastore, Yannis  
> Papadakis, Sigal Barnir & Yael Moria, Nadim Karam, Heba Habuelfadl,  
> Achilleas Kentonis, Pelin Tan, Francesca Cogni + Donatello de Mattia,  
> Gudran, Pep Dardanya, Ofri Cnaani, Claudia Zanfi, xurban_collective,  
> others
> In collaboration with: International universities and institutions;  
> Venice Biennial
> With the support: Anna Lindh Foundation, Alexandria; European Cultural  
> Foundation, Amsterdam
>  Complete programme attached
> Info and images:
> press at amaze.it
>  MAST (Museo di Arte Sociale e Territoriale)
> aMAZElab
> via Cola Montano 8
>  20159 Milan, Italy
>  Ph/Fax +39 02 6071623
> info at amaze.it
> www.amaze.it
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