[spectre] TODAY LIVE: Geert Lovink & Armin Medosch at De Ballie

pighed pighed at bore.com
Wed Jun 6 20:47:56 CEST 2007

i agree - its unfortunate to see [spectre] deflate a bit, losing the fun 
o' ye seriously-minded conversations, lo these past years.

but it makes sense in a way.  it's been happening as "web2.0" gets 
bigger.  as tools of 'communication' get bigger the individual voice 
gets smaller.  wikipedia's authority is odd (i've quoted it often, and 
with confidence, but what do i know about the damn author or damn source 
of the damn article?), the voice of any publication, when a mass of 
people are behind it, is tyrranical.  it occurs to me now that maybe 
advertising and web2.0 (or 'social media' or whatever buzzwords we like 
or detest) are the REAL art that we artists, academics, and critics 
should be paying attention to.  i'm sure our individual projects are all 
quite interesting, but what causes dialogue to disappear?  and in 
technolo-circles why does it seem to be changing so rapidly when for 
decades BBSs and chatboards did so well (and, arguably, still do).

why is spectre so enamoured with announcements?  is it because we have 
little to give one another other than our work?  ..how american that 
would be, or, more acurately, how a child of a culture of automated 

but perhaps the cause of the lack - the emerging technologies like 
web2.0 and viral marketing - are the real artforms we need to attend to.

    geert - sorry to hear that you had to answer to the machine!

    shu - quite lively of you to notice!

mostly sincerely,

    - mark stephen meadows / pighed

shu lea cheang wrote:
> hi, okay, not sure if spectre is ever a forum for discussion
> or forever sink into a platform for evant announcement?
> lots of happenings, calls posted, events announced,
> why do i always get the feeling that i am missing out the whole world?
> (or not really?!) but okay, i did catch this LIVE transmission tonight.
> I dare myself to post here an impression (and hopefully not get 
> moderated out...
> as recently just happened !)
> The event started out with geert quoting armin's write up
> on transmediale 2006, addressing the sinking ship of new media,...
> yet, more debate.... all are legitimate and worth round and around
> discussion.
> but i can not help thinking how regressive this web platform appears.
> cool media hot talk brings back the hot pant lady and the machine
> monotone (woman nonetheless!!) to guide us through 'interactive'
> web questions which the web participants are offered to 'rate' them.
> - + fot points and eventually a winner is granted a certificate.
> Armin and Geert appears a bit lost as they look up to what seems to be
> flickling screen of posted questions and succumb to this omni machine 
> voice... wondering how the fuck the machine actually got the upper 
> hand at this late date of machine age. but never mind, the machine 
> voice seemed to get reprogrammed
> in the later half into a more 'sopjiscated' one.
> There seems to be an attempt to position the talk show a la Tonight show,
> here comes Johnny (as the teaser suggested)... but why? Is media art 
> so dead
> that can only be revived by Entertainment industry?
> Harwood's tranmitted yet from another space comments, while seems to 
> appear
> from nowhere, brings back some senses to me. Then,  It is a relief at 
> the final 20 minutes (about) we got to see A+G chatting with seated 
> balie audienec, well, our dear bosma and garcia and Eric!! bosma 
> defies. a real woman voice, at last.
> So, media/medium is not so cool here
> talk is warm, the lady or a reconfigured machine in a lady form
> adorned in hot pant is not so hot either -  with one foot in high heel 
> and another in what looks like a  DIY stand alone form of a shoe. what 
> replace her head is yet another media myth.
> nite nite
> and trust the talk get picked up at the balie bar is hotter than ever!!
> sl
>> TODAY LIVE from De Balie, Amsterdam:
>> Geert Lovink and Armin Medosch
>> at Cool Media Hot Talk Show on "New Media Art Mythologies"
>> http://www.coolmediahottalk.net/
>> 20.30 CET
>> PARTICIPATE ONLINE: http://www.coolmediahottalk.net/livepage.jsp
>> ...........follow live video stream...... post your questions and 
>> comments to the speakers: Geert Lovink and Armin Medosch........ vote 
>> for the postings of others...... Author of the best posting will win 
>> our Cool Media Prize!.........Join us at De Balie, Amsterdam: 
>> www.debalie.nl.......
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