[spectre] just an invitation

Andreas Broeckmann ab at tesla-berlin.de
Tue Jun 12 12:49:41 CEST 2007

dear eric,

that's right - thanks for pointing this out.

if this happens, or the message is held 'for moderator approval' for 
other reasons, the _sender_ receives a message from the mailman 
software that _explains why_ the message is being held back. in many 
cases, the _sender_ can just correct the problem (e.g. by sending the 
message directly to:spectre, rather than bcc'ing; or by deleting an 
attachment; or by posting from a subscribed address; or...).


>>messages only get trashed (again, automatically) if:
>>- they come from an address that is not subscribed
>>- they contain attachments
>>- they use formating, marked up links, etc., which the spam filter 
>>recognises as
>>spam (see note below)
>>- they have a volume of more than 40 K.
>there is another case where the message does not get through
>or needs the permission of the moderators:
>when you use bcc for mass mailing convenience.
>i also was once questioning what happened that my mail did not
>get through until i found out that this was the case because
>of using the bcc field.

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