[spectre] eArt-wiki-hive - you want a wiki that "is" or "is about" (electronic) art?

Mattis Manzel mattismanzel at yahoo.de
Wed Jun 13 23:30:37 CEST 2007

The *eArt-wiki-hive* hosts wikis that "*are*" or "*are about*"
(electronic)* art*. 

We happily help you to set up your new* eArt-wiki*. It is and stays *for
free*, no commercials, The hive runs and stays running on *free software
*and under a *free license* (but you choose the license for your
eArt-wiki, sure). Just use the "*talk*" for now, please.**. The "new
wiki with a click"-skript  will be implemented soon.

*eArt-wiki-hive* -



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