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Louise Desrenards louise.desrenards at free.fr
Mon Jun 25 18:00:11 CEST 2007

_I'm so sorry Annick, what I have to say is not a personnal attack. 
Please believe me that the question is the one of the content. _

_This sort of fundation and tittle as "MUTAMORPHOSIS / Registration is 
open ! " makes me afraid of a vanity point. _

_A point of not return concerning the ethical undecidability of the 
technologies and of the sciences when they are globally guaranteed as 
objects of Art or as components of Art.. It is very far from being 
socially ans symbolically emergent -- and very far from the Queer 
criticism. _

_[Even there I prefer the live art moving and muting the entertainment 
from jazz, rock and stage, of a "new star" as Julien Doré whose election 
is not only an ironic mirror of the French Presidential elections and a 
social criticism of popular audience, but another poetic act criticizes 
of art, from the unpredictable reverse of the perfect execution of the 
vector] _

_Loz said that there is no more culture but culture of dominated as 
culture of domination. Front this point we have to reflect the 
conclusions of one time and the transformations of the critical position 
in the following time. _

_If tech and sciences are into the arts it is of course as dominant 
environment so there is nothing to make into problematic value or 
academics from that. More the ethical question of tech and of sciences 
in a world of self destruction, of ocial extermination, and of war stays 
entire. But from another part there are no contribution from any field 
to make living Arts at the moment they have lost their symbolic pact in 
the post humanist and post capitalist--could it be a post human-- 
society. _

_Arts will not recover their power from sciences and tech. _

_The very interesting question or resolution is outside of the 
academies. It is the question of dominated/dominating a domination 
without reversing the power but reversing the symbolic disposition of 
the pact. _
Annick Bureaud a écrit :
> _MUTAMORPHOSIS / Registration is open !
> We have the pleasure to invite you to register for MutaMorphosis: 
> Challenging Arts and Sciences conference. Join us in Prague November 8 
> – 10, 2007 for this outstanding international event!
> The conference concentrates on the growing interest---within the 
> worlds of the arts, sciences and technologies---in EXTREME AND HOSTILE 
> ENVIRONMENTS. More than 70 renowned practitioners in the arts, 
> sciences, engineering and humanities will speak about the limits and 
> extremes in our conceptions of life, space and cognition. Among the 
> speakers there will be Roy Ascott, Albert-László Barabási, Louis Bec, 
> Stelarc and many more.
> Feel free to BROWSE the abstracts at our web site 
> http://mutamorphosis.org/ where you can also REGISTER and BOOK your 
> hotel at special conference prices. Please note that the capacity of 
> the conference halls is limited.
> - Early registration: June 1, 2007 -  July 31, 2007
> - Regular registration: August 1, 2007 - October 15, 2007
> The international conference MutaMorphosis: Challenging Arts and 
> Sciences is organised by CIANT - International Centre for Art and New 
> Technologies in Prague and co-organised by Leonardo/ISAST, Hexagram - 
> Institute for Research/Creation in Media Arts and Technologies and 
> Pépinières européenes pour jeunes artistes.
> The conference is part of the Leonardo 40th Anniversary celebrations 
> and of the e n t e r 3 festival. The festival (8 - 11 November 2007) 
> will feature at various Prague locations performances, screenings and 
> exhibitions, including the first retrospective of Frank J. Malina.
> Should you require further information do not hesitate to contact us 
> at mutamorphosis at ciant.cz.
> _ 


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