[spectre] Vivoarts: Video Document Online Now

Adam Zaretsky emu at emutagen.com
Fri Jun 29 15:31:33 CEST 2007

Hello Vivoarts Students, Visiting Artists and Involved Peoples,

Check out this video document:


We are still in Vivoarts process.  A document of Our last lab, the
transgenic quail and pheasant embryology lab, mixed with body performance,
video documented and now edited by Zoot and Jeanette is now online for the
Wide World...


I promised some history and we now have it.  A document like no other.  And,
you are all bright and tweaked and engaged.  Amazing!  Almost one and a half
hours.... Send it to film fests as a documentary feature, I will if you



So there is a call to help with the sectioning and staining of the two
preserved transgenic embryos.  The histology will be done at the end of the
summer and I am looking for anyone from the class that is interested in
helping 'hands-on' with the microtubule analysis of our embryonic art
projects.  So email me if you are interested in going back to Gorleaus in a
month or two for this phase of Art/Science interaction.

By the way, the plasmid we used in our homemade micro injectors for raw
transfection in class has a name.  Some students have been asking for the
full name of our 'art' plasmid.  She is called pDSRed-Dcl.  The vector
(transgene infectious agent) included in the plasmid is CMV (CytoMegalo
Virus.)  The Red stands for RFP+ (red flourescent protein positive.)  RFP+
expression is what we seem to see in our sections so far. This means that
the chimeric proteins (pDS and Dcl) should have fused in the genomes of some
of the embryonic somatic cell genomes.  Togetether, pDS and Dcl express for
a microtubule protein that is quite disruptive when found in normal
development.  I will try to find out more about how studying the effects of
microtube mutants aids in Medical Pharmacology and/or preventing birth
defects.  In class we used 20 doses of 3-4 micrograms of these plasmids.  I
think that pDSRed-Dcl also has online research presence and your college may
be able to order more for you if you can find a scientist/mentor who is
willing to sponsor you!

Enjoy the film,

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