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Wed May 30 15:54:19 CEST 2007

The 9th International Festival for New Media Culture
May 31 – June 10, 2007
in Riga, Liepaja Karosta and Aizpute.


...Humanity has known electromagnetic waves for a 
century, but their massive use for technical 
applications only began with the Second World 
War... The total density of radio frequency waves 
penetrating every corner of the planet (and every 
person on it) is now hundreds millions of times 
the level reaching us naturally from the Sun... 
Invisible and omnipresent, electromagnetic fields 
have become ghosts of the modern world... Despite 
the efficiency of the chemical, electrical and 
electromagnetic explanations, can we really be 
reduced to them?.. What kind of subjectivity 
exists outside of the magic circle traced by science and technology?..
                        (After Bureau d'etudes “Industrial dogma”)

The 9th international festival Art+Communication 
is taking place from May 31 to June 10, 2007 in 
Riga, Liepaja Karosta and Aizpute, Latvia.
Continuing the “waves” thematic started in 
previous festival that looked at electromagnetic 
waves as material and medium for arts 
(http://rixc.lv/waves), this year edition is 
focusing on socio-ecological issues of 
electromagnetic spectrum and is considering 
interrelations of the postindustrial human, the 
environment of his creation and living nature.

The various festival events will approach 
'spectral ecology' issues from different perspectives:

The EXHIBITION in Riga reveals the effect of 
electro-magnetic radiation on human organism and 
maps the most powerful EMS networks in Latvia.

The CONFERENCE in Liepajas Karosta (Warport) 
former military setting will discuss phenomenon 
of espionage, secret experiments, artistic 
interpretations and electromagnetic radiation 
effects in the context of military technology.

The HAPPENINGS and event programme of the 
LABICHAMPI (mushroom laboratory) festival in 
Karosta is devoted to living and growing culture. 
The mushrooms are used there as an organic 
material, an urban architectonic design form and 
as a key element of social communication between 
locals, artists and festival visitors.

At a close, the WORKSHOPS in Aizpute will 
investigate how the contemporary myth of 
technology culture are being originate.

Festival program:
SPECTRAL ECOLOGY – May 31 – June 10, Riga.
The exhibition at the RIXC Media Space in Riga is 
a collaboration of Latvian and French artist 
groups: Spectral Investigations Collective 
(Léonore Bonaccini and Xavier Fourt / Bureau 
d'études, Ewen Chardronnet /Semaphore/Ellipse, 
Horia Cosmin Samoila / Ghostlab, Alejandra Perez 
Nunez / El Pueblo de China, Benjamin Cadon / 
Labomedia) and RIXC artists and producers team 
(Raitis Smits, Rasa Smite, Martins Ratniks, Linda 
Vebere, Agnese Rucina, Agrita Ozolina, as well as 
architect Mikelis Putrams, coordinators and 
assitents Maris Svirksts, Kristine Vucena and others).

The exhibition expands to public transportation 
stops in Riga with maps and a newspaper with a 
distribution all over Latvia, which will 
introduce to the studies and scientific data on 
EMS effects, the most powerful electromagnetic 
field sources in Riga and Latvia (high voltage 
lines, mobile telecommunication overlays, wi-fi 
spots, etc.), as well as the results of specially 
conducted research by exhibition artists on 
Skrunda location station, its environment and 
effects on human health conducted by artists of the exhibition.

31.V Public Open Day:
12.00 Workshop “Urban electromagnetic topology”: 
how to make your own electromagnetic field 
detector and how to use it for urban 
electromagnetic pollution mapping. Conducted by SIC (FR)
17. 00 A tour by artists around the exhibition for press and public.
18.00 Exhibition and festival Art+Communication 
official opening. Performances: SIC (FR) Heat 
Radiation and Andrei Smirnov (Theremin Center at 
Moscow State Conservatory/RU) Laser Bugging.

Exhibition open until June 10, 12.00-20.00. Entrance free.

Location: RIXC Media Space, 11. Novembra 
Krastmala 35 (entrance from Minstereja street), Riga.

ESPIONAGE TECHNOLOGIES AND ART – June 1 - 2, Liepaja Karosta.
An international art and science conference on 
1.VI 14.00 – 18.00 and 2.VI 11.00 –17.00. The 
conference introduces to military past of 
radiowave technologies, espionage technologies 
and their rellation to Latvia, electromagnetic 
pollution, espionage philosophy and artists interpretations

Speakers include: Andrey Smirnov /Theremin 
Center, Moscow State Conservatory/RU, Konrad 
Becker/Global Security Allience/AT, Spectral 
Investigations Collective/FR, Maxence Layet / FR, 
Eric Kluitenberg / De Balie / NL, Jan-Peter E.R. 
Sonntag / DE,  Evelina Domnitch and Dmitry 
Gelfand / US, Martin John Callanan / UK, Janis 
Garancs / LV, Adam Hyde /NZ-NL, Derek Holzer / 
umatic / US-DE, Sara Kolster / umatic / NL, Ansis 
Zunde / LU Institute for Philosphy and Sociology 
/ LV, Antons Kolodinskis / LU Institute of 
Biology / LV, Karlis Berzins / Ventspils 
International Radio Astronomy Center / LV, Ilva 
Skulte / RSU / LV, Normunds Kozlovs / RSU / LV, 
Rasa Smite, Linda Vebere / RIXC / LV, and others.

2.VI 19.00 A Military myth walk trough the 
labyrinths of Karosta forts (guided by historian 
and military specialist Juris Rakis).

Location: K at 2, Katedrales iela 2, Liepaja Karosta.

LABICHAMPI – June 1 - 3, Liepaja Karosta.
The festival programme for living and growing culture:
1.VI pl. 19.00 K at 2 (LV) and Exyzt (FR) 
inauguration of the art installation and 
exhibition “Mushroof” and workshop presentations, 
performances Jumping Mushroom, DJs & Vjs.
2.VI and 3.VI pl. 11.00 – 19.00 Guided tours 
around the exhibition, clothes marking workshop, 
training in mushroom growing, mush-meal and 
exchange of mushroom recipes, French traditional family party bal musette.
2.VI pl. 22.00: Electrochampi at Fontaine Palace club in Liepaja.

Location: Building of Prospective Karosta’s Art 
Center, Cesu rotas street 2, Liepaja Karosta.


TEHNOLOGY MYTH – June 3 - 9, Aizpute.
In the framework of workshops artists, activists, 
sociologists, philosophers and researchers from 
France, Latvia, Russia and other countries will 
investigate the connection between history and 
mythology of military sciences in relation to Latvia and other countries.

Workshop programme:
3.VI 11.00 Research trip by bus to former USSR 
army missile bases in Kurzeme (Karosta – Vainoda – Embute - Skrunda).

4.VI 11.00 Public presentations by participants. 
5. - 9. VI Workshops conducted by: SIC (FR), 
Andrei Smirnov (RU), Kuda Begut Sobaki (RU), 
Sergey Teterin (RU), Rainer Prohaska (AT), and 
others. Participants: Rainer Prohaska (AT), Eva 
Grumeth (AT), Vladislav Bulatov (RU), Natalia 
Grekhova (RU), Alexey Korzukhin (RU), Olga 
Inozemtseva (RU), Ilya Trushevsky (RU), Oleksiy 
Romanenko (UA), Oksana Gurinovich (RU), Vika 
Lomashko (RU), Kiril Shamanov (RU), Elena 
Sakalauskaite (LT), Ugis Pucens (LV), Egons 
Baranovs (LV), Signe Pucena (LV), Agnese Ruciņa 
(LV), Guenther Friesinger (AT), Johannes 
Grenzfurthner (AT), Izolde Cesniece (LV).

Location: Artists Residence Center, Atmoda street 9, Aizpute.



Festival organized by:

New media culture center RIXC (Riga / LV), 
Culture and information center K at 2 (Liepaja 
Karosta / LV) and Interdisciplinary Arts Group 
Serde (Aizpute/Riga / LV) in cooperation with 
Exyzt (Paris / FR), Ellipse (Tours / FR), Bureau 
d'etudes (Paris /FR) and Art Research Laboratory of LPA (Liepaja / LV).

RIXC, New media culture centre
11. Novembra krastmala 35 - 201, Riga, LV 1050, Latvia
Tel. +371-7228478, +371-26546776 (mobile)
Fax: +371-7228477
URL: http://rixc.lv

The festival is taking place within the framework 
of “Un Printemps Francais” festival, taking place 
in Riga from March 20 – June 21, 2007.

The festival is supported:
State Culture Capital Foundation, Printemps 
Francais, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of 
Latvia, Department of Culture of the Riga City Council
Visual arts magazine STUDIJA, magazine Rigas 
Laiks, Kulturas Forums, Culture magazine Maksla Plus, www.kultura.lv, ISEC





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