[spectre] Fwd: Lecture of Mike Hentz in Moscow.

Andreas Broeckmann ab at tesla-berlin.de
Thu Nov 1 08:26:39 CET 2007

Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2007 09:19:48 +0200
From: "Julija Brokere" <jbrokere at gmail.com>
Subject: Fwd: Lecture of Mike Hentz in Moscow.


I am writing in purpose to inform you that on 
Friday, 2nd of November Mike Hentz will make a 
lecture with the topic "Media"in Moscow School of 
Photography and Multimedia, address Moscow, 
Krasnoselsky Pereulok, 2 (metro Krasnoselskaya).

An hour before, at 13.00 the professor of the 
School Kirill Preorazhensky will make a lecture.

Phone numbers: +74955176749 (Kirill Preorazhensky 
) ËÎË +491741415668 (Mike Hentz)

With respect,

Julia Brokere

Riga Television and Radio Academy.


Mike Hentz

born 1954 in New Yersey  Irvington

Swiss / American nationality.

Living in Berlin and Riga

musician/ visual and polymediaartist.
documenta 1986 (minus Delta t and documenta radio ) / 1992 Piazza Virtuale
international exhibitions and interventions.

groups and projects: Defi Science Mental,  minus 
Delta t , Padlt Noidlt , Frigo ,
Code Public, Radio Bellevue, Van Gogh Tv , Ponton , Odyssee, Hermesgroup,

Universcity TV network, Eman network, Infermental 
video magazine, Garage Tv, Hexpo
and numerous teaching Jobs and professorships.

Musicgroups and soundprojects with Lux, Steve 
Garling, Cologne Music Connection, and several 

Media researchprojects:

Ponton media art lab
Van gogh tv group
Eurekalabel 1993 for universcity tv
Mediaprice Karlsruhe 2003

radiospecific projects  since 1979: Radio 
Bellevue Lyon , Radio Nova Paris, Radio X 
Frankfurt, Documenta Radio Kassel, Bookfairradio 
Frankfurt, Theaterradio.
Liveshows in Europe, eastern Europe, Canada, Japan, China and Usa.
Regular interactive netbroadcasts, Organizer of events and, Mediaconsultant.
Organizer Medusafestival 1997 / 2003 in Poland
Professor in art academy Hamburg (1989 - 1997) 
Stuttgart (2003 - 2007) / Council member of RATV 
(Riga Radio and Television school) 2007

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