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Diana McCarty diana at bootlab.org
Fri Nov 2 18:32:31 CET 2007

Backyard Radio Berlin
Imagine Radio 2.0
November 1.-4., 2007

Micro.fm snatches the radio from tv towers and broadcasting agencies  
and instead of showering down on the city, the radio waves beam out  
of the districts and neighborhoods. Micro.fm uses small fm  
transmitters and wireless access points to broadcast in an area like  
a house or a neighborhood, it allows everybody with broadband access  
to run a tiny radio transmitter covering the own block. Everyone who  
passionately cares about his or her neighborhood adopts the medium  
and populates the ether. Backyard Radio reintroduces radio into the  
context of social media and peer to peer networks. A digitized  
version of  the micro radio of the early 80's, it is a great pleasure  
to have Tetsuo Kogawa present with the Radia.Fm Network.  A long  
weekend of lectures, workshops, concerts and broadcasts take radio  
art apart and put it back together again.

micro.fm, microradio, minifm, freifunk, bootlab, reboot.fm, radio1:1,  



2. November,  21:00 M12, Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 13, 1st Floor,
Berlin-Alexanderplatz (Berlin Carré)

Live:  de-radio transversal - Tetsuo Kogawa
Live: FM: I/O - Knut Aufermann, & Sarah Washington
w/ Tetsuo Kogawa

A Radio Party with DJs Every Kid on Speed &
MyTube YouSpace 'Oriental Dubstep Mashup'


3. November, 18:00 - 20:00
WUNP - The United Nations Plaza Radio Network
On Air -- 95.2 FM (Berlin)
Via Internet -- http://www.unitednationsplaza.org/radio.html

Radia Roundtable: May a Hundred Broadcasts Bloom
hosted by Backyard Radio and neuroTransmitter

Guests : Knut Aufermann (LDN),  Shu Lea Cheang (LDN), Toni Dimitrov  
Tetsuo Kogawa (IST), Serhat Koksal (TRK), Verena Kuni (FRA),
Etienne Noiseau (MRS), Rocket Scientists (LIS), DJ Sanyi (BUD),
Sarah Washington (LDN) and others.


4. November 18:00-20:00 bootlab, Oranienburgerstr. 54 (U  

Imagine Radio 2.0 : closing discussion with Radia.fm
If the official death of analogue radio is announced for 2010 when
it will be switched to digital, will radio then just disappear?


livestream & podcasts: backyardradio.de microradio transmissions:  
Organized by Klubradio GmbH, funded by the German Cultural Foundation.

107,7 fm near you,
www. backyardradio.de


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