[spectre] Disperse. Exclamatory Phase / homage to Alberto Grifi

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Thu Nov 8 12:02:41 CET 2007

In 1964, italian artists Alberto Grifi and Gianfranco Baruchello gave
birth to one of the most interesting and significant experiments in
the fields of art and cinema: "Uncertain Verification", a paradoxical
assemblage of cinematographic extracts taken from over 450.000 feet of
Hollywood footage from the 50s, originally destined to be destroyed
and purchased for the price of 15.000 lira.

Over forty years later, the imaginary art-group Les Liens Invisibles
are reinterpreting and re-actualizing Grifi's and Baruchello's
deconstructive action in order to complete the originally planned
conceptual dissolution, picking up where the two artists left off, at
the unfinished phase of dispersion, the Disperse Exclamatory phase.

This operation of reverse engineering at the base of the project by
Les Liens Invisibles consists in deconstructing the footage image by
image, and publishing a fragmentary version online, making the
"source" contents of the cinematographic work accessible to the
public. Through this process, its rigid, logical and linear narrative
structure can be interpreted in an "Open Source" type of approach.

"Verifica Incerta" thus becomes "Disperse Exclamatory Phase", an
anonymous sequence of 1075 digital fragments, ready to be (im)possibly
repossessed and recombined by that part of the network working in
favour of a new narrative,  dispersive, rhizomatic and potentially

Website: http://disperse.exclamatoryphase.net
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Les Liens Invisibles web sites: http://www.lesliensinvisibles.org
Email: disperse at lesliensinvisibles.org

useful links:
About "Uncertain verification":
About Alberto Grifi (in Italian): http://www.albertogrifi.com

"Ci sono cretini che hanno visto la Madonna e ci sono cretini che non hanno
visto la Madonna.
Io sono un cretino che la Madonna non l'ha vista mai.
Tutto consiste in questo, vedere la Madonna o non vederla."

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