[spectre] The Circus of (Im)Migration video documentation

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Thu Nov 15 19:47:22 CET 2007

Watch the 40 minute video documentation of the circus here:

The Circus of (Im)Migration

High quality version, 1.05GB

Low quality web version, 240MB

The Circus of (Im)Migration took place in the spring of 2007. The 
traveling circus was an uncircus performed by the Boredom Patrol of the 
Clanestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army and volunteers and workshop 
participants in every city. The performance consisted of 3 acts: act one 
about the circus, act two about our personal stories about borders and 
act three about the immigration raids taking place around the US. Over 
750 people were deported through raids on homes on workplaces in April 
alone. In between the acts, the following youtube videos were shown:

Clowns vs. Minutemen Pt.2 Operation More Secure than Depends

REAL Alien Invasion of "Our Minutemen" at a Home Depot

The third act took the form of the Theater of the Oppressed forum 
theater, where audience members were invited to join the performance and 
change the outcome of the scene.

Our attempt was to create an interactive, communal, openly participatory 
space for dialog about immigration, migration control, borders and 
freedom of movement. We see this practice in the tradition of using 
humor against fascism, as a way to open up dialog within a climate of 
fear and repression, with the hope that this dialog and laughter can be 
healing. Further, we are using the inbetween space of the clown, with 
our faces hidden and revealed by greasepaint, inbetween genders, 
ethnicities, roles, in order to challenge the rigid conceptions of 
identity, nationality and citizenship that underlie the rhetoric around 


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