[spectre] WTF do I have to do....to get a job in New Media...?

jane at crayton.com jane at crayton.com
Wed Nov 28 19:05:23 CET 2007

I've tried to forget that this happens, I try to keep my head high and  
not let my self esteem tank. But what can someone like me do, in fact  
what the fuck do I have to do to get a good job. It's ridiculous how  
much effort I put into looking for a job, constantly applying online,  
through Craig's List and the daily job postings in local online job  
banks and news papers. I've put out over 150 near 200 resumes over the  
last two months. I've had only a few call backs, and one interview,  
with a temp agency. I know that now is a very hard time, lots of  
people are looking for even fewer jobs available. The industry I'm  
working in is fresh and hot, and there are lots of young bucks out  
there, who are simply more available and more willing to do almost  
anything, for next to nothing. Friends are now trying to help me get a  
good job, sending my resume to employers and such, but it is still not  
working. I've either over qualified or under. I have a good portfolio,  
online and in person. And my work experience is highly valued. Yet I  
can't help but think that every time I let anyone know I'm a Mother, a  
Wife, fuck a Woman for that matter, I am canceled out of the job  
selection market. They always fill the position with a  
young/single/male80%female20%. I've worked hard at being self  
employed, and I've made some good money freelancing, and I still do.  
But now I have the time/desire and FINANCIAL NEED to work in the  
industry of Interactive and New Media Design, and I can't get a job.  
My son is finally at the age where I feel comfortable starting to work  
out of the home. I'm now happily re-married and have more support than  
ever with Jared and my career. I feel now is the time I want to start  
working in the industry I work in every day without pay. I decided  
long ago, I wanted to become a New Media artist, and I've always felt  
discriminated against because I'm a woman. I can't tell you how many  
times I've been working a gig, working the visuals all night, and then  
some asshole comes up and asks me, "who is in charge? What a girl is  
running all this?" Sometimes in a mini-skirt, or in my tight Carharts,  
either way I always get the job done. Engineering electronics and  
installations for audio/visual projections, almost always by myself,  
with unique and interesting visual affects. And even better, I'm  
trying to teach people about technology through art.....I started the  
educational public outreach slogan STEM-A (Science Technology  
Engineering and Mathematics through Art). I also started the Colorado  
chapter of Dorkbot, a world wide organization of electronic artist. I  
host, promote and run this Electronic Artist Series, providing  
audio/and video support for featured artist, designs and promotions  
for the events. Not to mention my work at the Denver Museum of Nature  
and Science. I've been a volunteer there for almost 5 years. Last  
February I proposed that we start a Live Performance Group so that we  
can focus on bringing live performance to the surround and submersive  
environment of the Gates Planetarium. This proposal was approved and  
now we are working on creating new technology for the purpose of  
inviting and working with live experimental artist in this unique  
technologically advanced audio/visual environment. So this is like  
ground breaking technology that I am helping to create and develop at  
the museum, so that the people of this region can experience something  
new and exciting and be inspired by technology. I learned a long time  
ago, from a great example, my grandmother, Sarah Lee Crayton, that  
volunteerism is one of the greatest things to do for your community. I  
saw how good it has made her feel, so I have always donated my time to  
various organizations and event promotion in my community. I work  
closely with the Boulder Burning Man Community, helping to promote  
several events in the last few years like [[[compress_thIS]]], and  
Critical Tits. And provide audio/visuals for several Burning Man Camps  
at the event. My husband and I built and decorated a four-person pedal  
powered jelly fish with an upstairs pillow lounge. It featured led  
lighting and a small dj booth for our mobile guests on playa. I also  
motivate and coordinate several interactive art installation for  
festivals and parties in the United States and a few in Europe. I keep  
up with New Media daily on many art lists where I read, research and  
propose ideas on experimental art and media with artist world wide.  
I'm into some of the freshest, hottest underground art, happening, and  
I have created a network with several hundred people in my art  
community, where I am well respected. So please, I can't see why I  
can't get a job. I'm a mover and a shaker. And I shouldn't have to  
shake my ass to make money. I have a brain, and some great technical  
skills, and it is really scary that I can't even find an entry level  
job. I tried to strip, but I can't do that to my son, or myself. Or to  
some random guy who tells me one day he owns a design firm and I put  
my 7" heel through his head....I've always known that I wanted to be  
known for my intelligence and not my beauty. So maybe I need a burke,  
or maybe I need to chain myself to the new Google building in Boulder  
with my Guerrilla Art Resume, until they give me a job....?

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