[spectre] ( nula ) new filecast: 2455049 underground, 7 minutes.

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Tue Aug 4 19:23:15 CEST 2009

( nula ) new filecast: 2455049 underground, 7 minutes.

# 2455049 underground

video. 1. field recordings and images from a metro station in
central kiev. 2. found footage from NASA of the re-entry of a
rocket fuel tank, from ejection to splashdown. 3. rain and and
music from an old film.

link: http://nula.cc/2455049

# 2455033 forty

it is said that marconi, the inventor of radio, came to believe
as he grew old that sounds never die, becoming instead ever
fainter until we can no longer hear them. thus, given a device
of sufficient sensitivity, any sound from the past could be
recaptured. … who’s to say that he was wrong?

link: http://nula.cc/2455033

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