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b.a.n.g. lab researchers have been very busy and have a handful of
upcoming and recent exhibitions! Follow these links to find out more!

We have two new blogs and a tweet space up going:

b.a.n.g lab (with tweets)

Transborder Immigrant Tool


Transborder Immigrant Tool at ISEA 2009

The Transborder Immigrant Tool will be exhibited in ‘Space is the Place’
exhibition at the Gallery of the National College of Art & Design in
Dublin, as part of the program of ISEA 2009  that takes place in Belfast
and Dublin Ireland this year. The exhibition will run from the 27th August
– 1st September 2009. The exhibition includes a number of video poems
written by Amy Sara Carroll and designed by CRCA researchers Ricardo
Dominguez, Micha Cárdenas, and Elle Mehrmand. The voice performances in
the videos are by Micha Cárdenas, Amy Sara Carroll, Césaire
Carroll-Dominguez, Patrick Carroll, Ricardo Dominguez and artist Brett
Stalbaum developed the code for the project (http://walkingtools.net).

“Space is the Place” is an exhibition of the documentation of artistic
practises, which intervene in public space. The exhibition will focus on
ephemeral practices, which have not been officially sanctioned and which
are mediated in some fashion through digital networks.


b.a.n.g. lab researcher Micha Cardenas will be presenting a workshop at
this year’s  Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics (HEMI)
Summer Encuentro in Bogota, Colombia. The title of her workshop is “New
Hacktivism: From Electronic Civil Disobedience to Mixed Reality


7th Encuentro
Staging Citizenship: Cultural Rights in the Americas
at the National University of Colombia in Bogotá
August 21-30, 2009


Nanosférica by *particle proup*


Reality raincheck: these tiny trans-b.a.n.g.s are rapidly transforming
what constitutes the everyday. *particle group* seeks to data-mine
transperversal tales of the global Matter Market, to re-tell and re-own
them in ways that unhinge the vested interests of venture sciences’
speculative fictions. To this end, we privilege the poetic (paratactically
speaking) in an attempt to slip the false binary qua dialectic of
database/narrative aesthetics. Drawing upon varied traditions of
performance art and poetry (including concrete poetries, visual poetry,
flarf, e-poetry, more generally speaking, experimental film, Zapatista
communiqués, the artivist gesture), dance, movement studies, critical
theory, we think small, really small, even smaller (the pharmakon),
“reason[ing] deeply to forcibly feel,” it takes one to know one profane
illumination (to another).



b.a.n.g lab PI Brett Stalbaum is presenting at:

Landscape 2.0

Exhibition runs August 29 through November 15, 2009

Edith Russ Site for Media Art, Oldenburg and Springhornhof Neuenkirchen
Art Association, Vernissage, Denmark

Our view of landscape and its "nature" has changed over the course of
history. By examining landscape designs, we can learn about the attitudes
of a certain society at a certain time in terms of how it developed and
shaped nature. In the Romantic period, landscapes came to symbolize the
human psychological condition. Today we must ask ourselves how significant
landscapes are today when they are depicted as a social and cultural
construct and are primarily regarded as an economic or ecological
resource. Is it even possible to think of landscape as intact and
unspoiled nature? How do we imagine real, natural landscape, and how is
landscape portrayed in digital fantasy worlds?



b.a.n.g lab researchers Micha Cardenas and Elle Mehrmand at will be at GLAMFA

The will be showing the video of Slapshock in the exhibition. Then, on
opening night we’ll be doing a new performance called Technesexual which
we’ve been hard at work getting ready. It is part of Mixed Relations and
involves a mixed reality performance using biometrics and live audio that
responds to our movements in order to explore relationality.Then, I’ll be
talking about Becoming Dragon (and both of the above works) on an MFA
round table as part of the CSULB Visiting Artist Lecture series on
Wednesday, September 9th from 5-7pm.

There are a bunch of other amazing artists from UCSD and from around
southern california, so come check it all out! More info at the GLAMFA


The Transborder Immigrant Tool was in the Yucatan Biennale Arte Nuevo
Interactiva 2009

For the fifth time, Mérida joins other art centers of the world such as
Venice, Havana, New York, Paris, and Istanbul, to name a few, in hosting a
“Biennale”. This French and Italian word refers to any event which takes
place every two years. In contemporary art, Biennale is used to describe
an international exhibit. Mérida’s first Biennale was in 2001, and has
taken place every two years since then. From May 28 (opening was at 9 pm
at Museo de la Ciudad) until the end of June, the Museo de la Ciudad was
headquarters for the Mérida Biennale. The event’s theme was the
interactivity of art works and the public via Internet and other
technologies, therefore its title of “Arte Nuevo InteractivA ‘09&#8243;.

The Biennale incldes a number of b.a.n.g lab and CRCA researchers
including Micha Cardenas, Ricardo Dominguez, Eduardo Navas, Brett Stalbaum
and Nina Waisman in the categories of Locative Media and Critical

b.a.n.g lab (with tweets)

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