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ZOOART 2010 an artistic itinerary for the Fresia Garden, Cuneo (Italy)

The Art.ur Association and the Cuneo City Council announce the 2010 
ZOOart Exhibition. The 9th edition of this contemporary art show will be held 
in July in the Fresia Gardens, originally the site of the city’s zoo.

again the organisers intention is to bring contemporary art into the public 
arena, as well as offering an opportunity for young artists to exhibit their 

Since it’s inception, the idea behind ZOOart has been to offer a space 
to unknown young artists and also bring attention to those who have also 
achieved some notoriety. 

Again this year the exhibition is a group show, held 
for four days each week, from Thursday to Sunday, for three weeks. The works 
chosen to be exhibited will be exhibited for one or more weeks commencing on 
Thursday the 1st, then the following Thursdays on the 8th and 15th.
Works that 
are site specific, able to create a particular dialogue with the exhibition 
area will are favoured.

The selected artists might be asked to participate in 
events such as workshops or discussions and or other similar activities that 
will take place during the exhibition.

Artists who would like to participate 
are requested to send in a proposal that takes into account the following 

art.2 conditions

Participation is open to young artists of any 
nationality, representation as individuals or group works. Three preferential 
places will be offered to students enrolled at the Albertina Academy in Turin. 
There is no fee for participation.

art.3 object for selection
Candidates can 
submit one or more proposals of works in the form of sculptures, installations, 
drawings, paintings, photographic works, videos, performance, audio and new 
media installations, etc.

Given the large area available sculptures and 
installations are site specific and must occupy an area of 3m x 3m (exact size 
will be discussed and agreed upon in more detail with the organisers at a later 
phase and will depend upon the project) and must be designed for the outdoors 
as there is no provision for the works to be moved or covered in the event of 
bad weather.

The works must not in any way subject the public, who frequent 
the gardens where the works are to be displayed, to any harm.

paintings and photographic works must cover 12 to 15 linear metres with a 
maximum height of 2.4 metres. The maximum size of a singular work must not 
exceed 2m x 2.4m. Works will be hung on display boards during opening hours and 
held in a storeroom outside of the exhibition opening hours.

Videos must be 
suitable for projection onto a screen 6 metres x 3 metres in size and must not 
exceed 2 minutes in length.

Musical or theatrical performances must not be 
more than 15 minutes long.

art.4 methods of participation
Documentation of 
the proposal must be sent to:

Associazione Art.ur
Casella Postale 208

12100 Cuneo Centro

Documentation required:
1. name and address of the 
candidate/s (please indicate clearly if the candidate is a student at the 
Albertina Academy).
2. curriculum vitae
3. title and detailed written 
presentation of the proposal 
4. graphic representation of the work/s to be 
exhibited in a maximum of six A4 pages (comprising of sketches, photos, 
drawings etc.) including indication of size of actual works 
5. a CD comprising 
all the above mentioned documentation.

For proposals of videos or performance 
art, in addition to the documentation listed above at points 1,2 and 3, it is 
also necessary to supply a cd of the work proposed. 

All documentation 
supplied must be clearly identifiable (name and surname must be written on the 
back of all images, on the front of all written material and on the covers of 
cds, etc.). None of the documentation received will be returned to artists.

art.5 deadline
All documentation of the proposal must be received by March 5, 

art.6 criteria for selection by panel
of judges

A panel of qualified 
experts, made up of curators and artists will judge the submissions received.

The panel will take into account the curriculum of candidate and also the site 
specific nature of the works proposed. Criteria include the quality, innovative 
aspects and overall creativity of the work .

The panel will examine the 
submissions received and inform the only the candidates that have been chosen 
to participate in the exhibition. These candidates will be asked to have all 
work on site by the 1st , 8th or 15th of July 2010. The works must be in every 
way the same as those proposed to the panel.

The submissions that are chosen 
to be exhibited will be published in the ZOOart.09 catalogue.

Both the 
realisation and transport of the works are at the cost of the artist. The 
organising body may be able to make a small contribution towards travelling 
costs and assist with homestay accommodation in the case of artists coming from 
distant localities.

Art works will be returned to the artists at the end of 
the exhibition, the timing will be organised directly with each artist.

organising body will not take any responsibility for damages to the art works 
that occurs while the works are in their possession. 

art.7 permissions and 
The organising body reserve the right to use any material in the 
submission received and to photograph the selected works for archiving 
purposes. The organising body is excluded from publishing rights of the artist 
for the reproduction and use of images for the purposes of the exhibition.

Exhibiting artists hold all responsibility for any issue that may arise as a 
result of the works being published or exhibited are completely

art.8 use of 
personal details
Personal details of the artist/s will be used by the Art.ur 
association exclusively for ZOOart 2010.
In accordance with the art.7, D.Lgs 
196/2003 it is possible to request that personal details be removed from the 
associations list by writing to: associazione Art.ur, Casella Postale 208, 
12100, CUNEO Centro.

art.9 information
The project, organised by the 
association Art.ur in collaboration with the city of Cuneo, has obtained 
support during past exhibitions from the Piedmont Region, Cuneo Province, City 
of Turin, the CRC Foundation, the CRT Foundation, the Albertina Accadamy of 
Turin, GAI and the Gaia collection of Busca. 

Participation in the exhibition 
is taken as agreement to above mentioned conditions.
Info: Associazione Art.ur, 
Casella Postale 208, 12100, CUNEO Centro.
tel: +393396908997 fax: +390171689960

mail: pqemi at tiscali.it zooarte at gmail.com 
web: www.zooart.it

For images of the gardens during the exhibition period please 
look at:

support piedmont region . cuneo province . cuneo 
council . crt foundation . crc foundation . albertina accadamy . la gaia 

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