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Week 03 - 11-17 January
Feature of the Week - launch on 11 January 2010
10 Years JavaMuseum - Forum for Internet Technology in Contemporary Art
launches today its netart features of the year 2010,
released in form of the daily journal - "Celebrate!" -
http://2010.javamuseum.org - starting today with the US artist
Russet Lederman (USA) and her net based project -Barely Skin Deep-, 2008

2. SIP - SoundLAB Interview Project - a series of interviews - this week:
--> Osvaldo Cibils (Uruguay), 4th World Orchestra, Mauro Arrighi (IT), Anna Friz (CAN),
G.H. Hovamigyan (USA), Juichi Ito (JAPAN), TZ/X - Zoltan Tonka (HU)

JIP - JavaMuseum Interview Project - a series of interviews - this week: :
--> Salvatore Iaconesi (Italy), Yvonne Martinsson (SWE), Juan Manuel Patino (AR),
Myron Turner (CAN), Reiner Strasser (GER), Letizia Jacchieri (NO), Calin Man (RO)

4. VideoChannel January 2010 - French Video Art - daily features
this week: Melanie Perrier, Jean-Gabriel Periot, Les Riches Douaniers,
Tom de Pekin, Laurent Pernot, Virginie Foloppe, Frank Gatti

5. VideoChannel - Found Footage Film Collection - daily features
this week: James Woodward (USA), Michael Brynntrup (GER), Clint Enns (CA),
Maria Canas (ES), Doron Golan (IL), Angie Eng (USA), Joao Ricardo (PT)

6. CologneOFF V - features for one day - this week:
--> Junho Oh (S.Korea), Jym Davis (USA), Renata Padovan (BR),
Carla Della Beffa (IT), Dina Boswank (GER), Yin-Ling Chen (TW)

January 2010 - features of the month -
1. VideoChannel Cologne --> French Video Art (2010)
2. JavaMuseum --> 1st of Java - 1st global competition (2001)
3. SoundLAB - Soundart from Chile (2006) - curated by Rainer Krause
10 Years [NewMediaArtProjectNetwork]:||cologne
global heritage of digital culture
1 January - 31 December 2010

calls for entries -->  for NewMediaFest'2010


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