[spectre] Older than youtube. Curator Laure Prouvost Explains Seven Years of tank.tv

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Older than youtube. Curator Laure Prouvost Explains Seven Years of tank.tv

Article by Angela Ferraiolo

Seven years ago, or about two years before the invention of youtube, the 
editors of Tank Magazine saw the possibility of an internet platform 
dedicated to video art. Their response was tank.tv, an Internet site 
that is part moving image archive, part online gallery, and part cutting 
edge video art exhibition.

"The sole focus is on the work," explains curator and creative director 
Laure Prouvost, who has been with the site since its beginning. Prouvost 
describes tank.tv as a completely open endeavor, one that supports 
experimentation by accepting submissions and curatorial proposals 
throughout the year: "We have worked to make tank.tv a collaborative 
platform over time and we're still looking for ways to open our 
programme as much as possible."

After running a series of solo shows in 2009, tank decided to finish the 
decade with the group show 'Open End'. About twelve films were selected 
from the submissions tank.tv received throughout the year. Works by 
emerging artists received special attention. They include Just a 'Quiet 
Peaceful Dance' by Dean Kissick, a rapid, flash cut montage that 
cascades in one smooth glide over its upbeat house track, and the 
dreamy, slightly disturbing 3D animation 'Your Uncertain Spirit' by 
Jonathan Monaghan and more...

Angela Ferraiolo is an interactive writer and filmmaker experimenting 
with text, video, and animation for the web, installation, and mobile 
applications. She is currently working on a new interactive movie titled 
"The Loop". Her digital story "Map of a Future War" was published in the 
Fall 2008 issue of the New River Journal. Her plays have been produced 
at La Mama Galleria and Expanded Arts in New York City and at the Brick 
Playhouse in Philadelphia, USA. She is also the author of the RPG Aidyn 
Chronicles and the MMORPG Earth and Beyond. Angela teaches game 
programming and theories of game design in the Film and Media Department 
of Hunter College in New York.


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