[spectre] MICRO-CELLS />> a prelude to Cellsbutton#04 2010: “Invisible Cells”

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Sun Jan 17 16:49:42 CET 2010

9 january - 2 february 2010

>> a prelude to Cellsbutton#04 2010: “Invisible Cells” 
Yogyakarta International Media Art Festival ( 27 July – 5 August 2010 )


Lab.2.Lab project start!


laboratory work

The House of Natural Fiber (HONF) is proud to present /micro-CELLS a pre
– event of the incoming Cellsbutton#04 in 27 July – 5 August 2010.
/micro-CELLS will consist of interdisciplinary workshops, presentations
and discussion during 9 January to 2 February 2010 as a test case for
several “invisible” projects that will be initiated in Cellsbutton#04,
2010. /micro-CELLS will consist many programs that is intended to be a
platform for collaborative works and projects.

/micro-CELLS primarily is set to be an introduction on HONF’s latest
initiative project called Lab.2.Lab that was prepared and tested during
YIVF#05, dec 2009. Lab.2.Lab will focus on work outputs and researches that
have been done previously or still in working progress to be used in a
working platform of collaborations based on interdisciplinary working
method. In this long-term program, HONF will act as facilitators and
also actors and decided to initiate /micro-CELLS to be the event that
will host Lab.2.Lab first phase. With several steps in Lab.2.Lab
programs, HONF intend to use /micro-CELLS in the creation of a team
formation that will identify issues and problems in the early stages.
/micro-CELLS will help the team to prevent and minimalize problems in the
next phases of the program.

/micro-CELLS is also intended to build the working collaboration
atmosphere of interdisciplinary communities. The first interaction and
knowledge exchange from both sides is crucial to determined next phases
in the program and to sufficiently applying the knowledge in the
collaboration in to a concrete outputs that is beneficial to the
communities as well in aesthetic abilities. Different approaches might
be needed to overcome the difference in perspective and working method,
/micro-CELLS will be the first approach in learning each other content to
determine and share the vision of togetherness could achieve.

be invisible !  :)
hugs from all fibers here 

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