[spectre] Week 04 - NewMediaFest'2010

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Mon Jan 18 12:53:06 CET 2010

Week 04 - 18-24 January 2010
1. Feature of the week 04

Cinematheque - streaming media - a showcase in 5 parts: -->
Flash & Thunder - Flash as a tool and medium for artistic creations
Part 1 (Jan-Feb' 2010) is featuring :
Aaron Oldenbourg (USA, Myriam Thyes (Switzerland), Jason Freeman (USA),
Bill Domonklos (USA), Renaud Vercey (France)

2.Feature of the week 03
Celebrate! - netart features 2010
10 Years - JavaMuseum - Forum for Internet Technology in Contemporary Art
the netart features are released in form of the daily journal -
'Celebrate!' - http://2010.javamuseum.org - this week -->
Monday: Jose Vieira (PT)
Tuesday: Michael Cousin (UK)
Wednesday: Adam Trowbridge (USA)
Thursday: xname (Italy)
Friday: Ubermorgen.com
Saturday: Marcello Mercado (Argentina)
Sunday: Aranda Yto (Chile)

3. JIP - JavaMuseum Interview Project - a series of interviews _
http://jip.javamuseum.org/jipblog/?p=111 -->this week: :
Monday: Natalie Perrin (F)
Tuesday: Michael Szpakowski (UK)
Wednesday: Sachiko Hayashi (SWE/Japan)
Thursday: Philippe Langlois (F)
Friday: Ubermorgen.com
Saturday: Randy Adams aka runran
Sunday: JR Carpenter (Canada)

4. VideoChannel Cologne - French Video Art - features
http://vad.nmartproject.net/?page_id=1304  --> this week:
Monday: Anthony Rousseau (F)
Tuesday: Jean-Gabriel Periot (F)
Wednesday: Tom de Pekin (F)

5. VideoChannel - Found Footage Film Collection
http://vad.nmartproject.net/?page_id=1275 --> this week:
Monday: :Larry Caveney (USA)
Tuesday: Juan David Gonzalez Monroy (Colombia)
Wednesday: Lobo Pasolini (Brazil)
Thursday: Toban Nicols (USA)
Friday: Philip Widmann (Germany)
Saturday: Ellen Lake (USA)
Sunday: Rajorshi Ghosh (USA)

6. CologneOFF V - features for one day -
http://vad.nmartproject.net/?page_id=1272 -->this week:
Monday: Iona Pelovska (Canada)
Tuesday: Jonas Ungar (Germany)
Wednesday: Luana Visciglia (Italy)
Thursday: Arthur Tuoto (Brazil)
Friday: My name is Scot (Canada)
Saturday: Jill Sigman (USA)
Sunday: Johanna Reich (Germany)

January 2010 - features of the month
1. VideoChannel Cologne --> French Video Art (2010)
2. JavaMuseum --> 1st of Java - 1st global competition (2001)
3. SoundLAB - Soundart from Chile (2006) - curated by Rainer Krause

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